Monday, November 03, 2014

you should see this

Of course, you should see all my blog posts right?

I don’t often include a picture of myself in my posts. In the beginning, before twerking was known, my blog rarely had a picture of the Lisleman. Once my pendulum swung the other way and I posted this picture. (TMI? Ok, it’s sorta a favorite of mine. Here’s the related post)

Lisleman’s recollected news - A few weeks ago I was allowed (invited actually) to attend pre-school. Now, back before cameras were in your phone, oh that's not right, it was even longer ago. Back when Sputnik circled the earth and we hated the Russians (wait are we still supposed to hate the Russians? Good thing I’m not a diplomat) I was sent to school. But it was kindergarten, not pre-school. I’ve been enjoying post-school for a long time now.

Oh one more observation - Mercy me, those chairs are little.

As you might be able to surmise, I really enjoyed the pre-school (think - I'm posting about it). Much better than what I remember of my kindergarten. I don’t remember much of anything about my kindergarten except the walls and the floor were all wood. Sorta old wood with a musty smell. Oh, and a creaky staircase. I don’t think they had invented the building sets offered today.  Much better creative activities today.

Oh yeah, the pictures:

I'm surprised my knees held out

Remember kids - Blog browsing is much better than facehooking on Facebook.

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