Friday, October 17, 2014

help I've lost my fragments

I've lost my fragments and can't get my post up.

Do they make a first alert gadget for bloggers?

(warning directionless tangent - Would anyone buy a last alert device?  Maybe I could buy enough old telephone modems to setup the last alert network?  "Our guarantee - Your family will eventually get the last alert you ever sent!" )

a fragment eraser

I'm sure a few followers (ok maybe one) are wondering what happened to Lisleman's fabulous finicky Friday Fragment post.  Well ok then, here it is.

ooh a fragment in my knee is missing

Sample of my thought travels through my mindset - So my thinking of first alert gadget transformed into thinking about 911.  Ok, not a big difference.  But then I changed some digits and I was thinking of 900 numbers.

Who remembers the 900 number scams?  As I often do when pondering on a laptop, I checked wikipedia.  One of the first big record call-ins on a 900 service was on a SNL show.  It was "Larry the Lobster" with Eddie Murphy.  The TV audience was given two 900 numbers.  One to save Larry the Lobster and the other to boil the lobster.  The skit brought in nearly $250,000.

Typically, I save fragments during the week for my FF post.  Didn't happen this week.  Does it show?

Hey, here's a favorite ad.  It's a favorite of mine because my nephew starred in it.  No speaking part (the goat at the end got a speaking part?) but great facial expressions.

Important Reminder - Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while reading A Few Clowns Short. Also do not read if allergic to laughing.

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Half-Past Kissin' Time

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