Friday, September 12, 2014

Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla friday fragment

I must be a blog nerd because I still enjoy creating silly titles.

You don't need a silly or great title to join Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments.  If you can write a sentence, then you can fragment a post and link up.

I had a title this long

I’ve been replacing rotten deck boards this week. (too bad the world can’t replace rotten people) I was talking to my master carpenter brother while selecting some wood at Home Depot.  BAM, a 8 foot piece hit the floor. Note to self - Don’t try to load lumber one handed while talking on the phone.  Luckily just a big noise, my feet were not in the way. But a clerk nearby yelled, “hey what did you just buy?”. I do enjoy humor at stores.

It lacks granularity and specificity with respect to its growth plans, and uncertainty surrounding the risks. Oh, excuse me I was just reminding myself why I hate corporate speak.

I’m an indolent kinda guy. I'm happier on days I can let the morning newspaper age a bit on the driveway before venturing out.  (Lisleman's word of day)

keep your fish close and facehooks away

One time during the last century, I was stung at Myrtle Beach by a jelly fish. A paste of Vaseline and meat tenderizer relieves the pain. I ended-up with left over so we had tender steaks that night. Don't recall what happened to the Vaseline.

I have become comfortably posted. How about you?

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