Sunday, August 03, 2014

Facebook guides

I’m certain big name (short name ones too) celebrities probably have someone on staff to handle their FB, twitter and other social diseases. But what about the no name common guy who didn’t have FB or twitter available to them while in school? Should people over a certain age (30,40,?) be required to have an online FB guide watching over them?

Just tonight I learned a new FB term. -  News feed bombing  -  I accidentally stumbled on to it. My unofficial guide, our youngest daughter noticed and commented: “This is called bombing my news feed. It's described as annoying.”

Years ago I got advice back about a comment I left on another daughter’s friend’s post. Basically the advice was, “Dad don’t leave comments like that on my friend’s page.”

Oh let me describe my accidental news feed bomb. I had posted a status update and then noticed it appeared to be still waiting to be submitted/posted. I clicked on the “post” button once again and got a message that the post was the same as the previous one. Hmm, I didn’t know FB analyzed the postings that quickly. So then I try something just for fun.

I posted:
then posted:
then posted:
then posted:
what's next?
then posted:
just wondering if anyone follows this stuff

The posts were only seconds apart. My unofficial guide daughter noticed.

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use Facebook and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.

and the beat goes on

Of course there are online guides out there about FB and most of the other social media sites but people don't want to take the time to study that stuff. The Huffington post site has a few articles about parents on FB. The following came from one such article.

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