Tuesday, July 01, 2014

doing time for facebook time

Warning: The news commentary you are about to read contains Lisleman’s distortions and speculations. It only takes a quick spin on my office chair start my inner ear spinning. The truth is out there, I just don’t know where.

Non-bloggers have asked me why I continue to spend a good amount of my time blogging. Most bloggers would have an answer. The writing, the feedback, sharing ideas and laughs with people from around the world are all parts of my answer. It’s a hobby and like other hobbies you become enthused about, you can find yourself slightly addicted to it.

I mention that because maybe for some users, facebook becomes an addicting type of hobby/activity. The appeal of FB apparently was very strong for a Minnesota man recently. A twenty something burglar had checked his FB profile while robbing a home and had left himself logged on to FB. (I try to avoid FB.  Blogging is very different.)

Doesn’t take much to figure out how this ended. With the FB info it was simple to track down the thief. His inability to resist FB might have helped him get 10 years of prison time.

It could be that this guy is just a fry short of a happy meal. He also left wet shoes so I’ll assume he was not of the caliber of the jewelry/art thief I’ve seen in the movies. According to my movie watching, a professional thief would be quick and leave no trace of his visit. Just missing goods.

my type of smart thief

I do wonder how the FB attraction can be so strong that risking the extra time to use the homeowner's computer for some FB time was worth it. But then who knows maybe he was intoxicated.

Here’s a link to the story.

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