Thursday, June 20, 2013

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This Friday Fragment post will be hosted in the city by the bay where Tony Bennett had heart issues. To see the other FF links among the cable cars and hills browse over to Unknown Mami’s place.

Her blog is a better treat than Rice-A-Roni.

Unknown Mami

Tony also sang “Keep the Faith Baby”.

New parent gadget alert - Huggies has introduced a baby monitor for dads. Lisleman’s wisdom says save your money. You can feel the kicks if you place your hand on the right spot. The money is better spent after your child is born. Stock up on pacifiers and earplugs.

that’s what the man said

The weather has been nice to us this June. We have not needed the house cooled yet. I tested the old air conditioning anyway and it didn’t cool the house. Time to hand over a pile of cold warm cash for a new cooling system. Since the furnace is just as old we will just add more to the pile and have that updated too.

The phrase, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is a mantra for me. I’ve concluded that the air conditioning is definitely broke. New central air system will require tearing the furnace apart. It probably is a “Humpy Dumpty” furnace by now. I’m ready to dump it.

keep the faith baby

Plan B. Would it improve my outlook if I start with plan Z and worked backwards toward A? Planning is like the weather. Tomorrow’s forecast of partly cloudy could become a downpour. Does anyone look at the forecast even one month out? It would be nice if I could see a tornado of expenses bearing down before it blew apart the checking account.

I ain’t down not me you bet
keep the faith don’t forget

Did you eat dinner yet? If not the following song will make you hungry (song is the source of the post title).

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Joanne said...

Ouch! New HVAC hurts. I had the furnace cleaned one year and the technician came up and said "Lady, I know it's getting cold at night, but don't turn on this furnace." We added air. We cashed in some CD's.

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