Monday, September 07, 2009

A laugh you could marry

More than the normal number of weddings for us this year.

We just joined in the celebration of my niece's big day this weekend. She had an outdoor one in a beautiful garden next to a greenhouse. If the weather didn't cooperate then it would have been inside the greenhouse. Fortunately, it was nice weather and the ceremony went quicker than the sun heating my dark suit.

One thing that comes with the outside and flowers - bees and other insects.

As the lovely couple joined hands, a flying insect (bee I believe) decided to join their joyful union. So their quick moving gestures and laughter help make the event even more memorable.

However, my niece did not laugh as loud as this bride in this clip below. I just found this clip today and it will make you laugh.
I'm very glad this bride was willing to share this on the internet. Laughter helps break the nervousness.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hysterical!!!! That poor guy will never live this down and the bride will crack up every time she eats waffles :-)
Thanks for sharing.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

That is precious! My sister got hysterical during her vows many many years ago. I was up on the altar, and then I started to laugh. Her groom was not as amused. Happily, they are no longer together. These 2 look like they'll be just fine.

Bill Lisleman said...

@JJ - I didn't think of the eating waffles as the future inside joke. I wonder if either one can make a good waffle. thanks
@maureen - hmm the groom was upset, I just assume the brides are more serious about details and such. thanks

yorksnbeans said...

That would be me...once I start, I can't stop!! :-)

Bill Lisleman said...

@yorksnbeans - thanks - I think everyone at that wedding had an extra wide smile when they left.

JennyMac said...

Surely the least boring wedding EVER!

Margaret Cloud said...

Probably she was a little nervous and once she started laughing she could not control herself, very funny video.

Bill Lisleman said...

@jennymac - This year it's been more weddings than most but since I don't go to that many, I'm not too worried about it being boring. But yes some good gut level laughing would be good to add to any wedding. thanks

@margaret c - I have a sister that often loses control of laughing - fun to watch.

Lisa said...

Your post reminds me of two movie scenes:

1) Tin Men - Danny Devito telling Barbara Hershey why would they go out on a picnic to eat with the bees and the ants!

2) Julia Robert in Pretty Woman when she burst out laughing when Richard Gere snap-closed the jewelry box.

The bride looked really nervous before she started laughing. He looked like a real nice guy. I believe they'll be fine.

Bill Lisleman said...

@ocean girl - you have a good movie memory. I didn't see Tin Men but I saw Pretty Woman but do not remember that level of detail. thanks for sharing.

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