Wednesday, August 19, 2009

odds but not the ends

Any of you read the newspapers?

I suspect very few of you do. There's a limited amount of free time and so many services vying for it. I'm lucky to have some time to read the Chicago Tribune. Here's a two items from today's paper:


dirty money
I might have cocaine in my wallet.

A study was done on 234 bank notes from 17 cities in the U.S. and found that 90 percent had small traces of the illegal drug.

Seems abusers really do use rolled up bills to snort the stuff. I thought that was just the movies making it look cool. The short article didn't mention which denomination was popular.
Story in today's paper


(Los Angeles Times photo by Mel Melcon / August 13, 2009)

location location
The widow of Richard Poncher is planning to cash in on her late husband's crypt location. I must say the location is very special.

Found on Ebay:
Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe For Sale

The bidding started at $500,000 and when I looked last it was over $4.5 million.

Apparently, Mr. Poncher got a great deal on this crypt in 1954 from Joe DiMaggio during his 1954 divorce from Monroe. Now his widow could use some cash.

From the ebay listing:

" a once in a lifetime and into eternity opportunity to spend your eternal days directly above Marilyn Monroe."

A crypt on one side Marilyn was purchased by Playboy's Hugh Hefner in 1992.

Chicago Tribune story

Some other fun youtube clips -- I know youtube is often blocked at work and sometimes clips won't play is some countries, so I don't bother to put them here. My collection of favorite clips can be found over on "
Another Circus"

Here's one related to
news reporting.


Ann Martin said...

Yeah, I used to read the newspaper every morning, back when I was a stay at home mom. Now that I own my own business, there is no time for relaxing with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. Those were the days!

Pat said...

The traces of cocaine story creates some interesting images in my mind of cokeheads trying gather enough of the stuff to get high by shaking out money, or sniffing wallets, or getting jobs in banks! On the other hand, do cokeheads read newspaper? Does anyone?

Kate M said...

I've done coke recreationally, and yes, banknotes are definitely used most of the time.

It's because banknotes are easily accessible, almost everyone has cash on them.

Sometimes straw cut-offs or even Bic pens are used (they take the ink part out and shorten the tube).

Nothing Profound said...

Haven't read a newspaper in 30 years and don't miss it. But these items were fun to read. Imagine paying all that money to be buried next to a dead celeb. People are really bonkers.

Bill Lisleman said...

@ann martin - nice blog on your photography which I assume is what takes your time.
@pat - sniffing wallets - there's a bad habit.
@kate m - thanks for sharing - I don't think I'll use that info but straws would seem to make sense to me and you can get them for free at Mickey D's.
@nothing profound - wow 30 years - I guess you didn't agree much with their views. All amazing what people will waste money on. Thanks

Lilly said...

I dont read newspapers anymore but used to love the Sunday papers over coffee and sunshine. Now I read online news as the first thing I do each day.

As for sleeping on top of Marilyn, WTF? That's all I have to say about that one.

Bill Lisleman said...

@lilly - well I'm still reading the paper but it's easier now because they are much thinner now. Yeah that Marilyn thing is weird.

lisleman said...

@lilly - well I'm still reading the paper but it's easier now because they are much thinner now. Yeah that Marilyn thing is weird.

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