Saturday, July 04, 2009

Johnny's blazing guns

john dillinger tommy gun

Just got back from seeing Public Enemies. Great movie.

As you might suspect this gangster movie has some spectacular shootouts as it describes the last couple of years of John Dillinger. Since I read about the filming last year I've been interested in the movie.

Toward the beginning of the movie there's a cameo that surprised me. Diana Krall sings a jazz song in a nightclub scene. She's a great jazz singer who knows what she's doing.

Before seeing it, I had read about this Wisconsin lodge location used in the movie that is still open to the public. The Little Bohemia web site has a good story about the FBI-Dillinger shoot-out which is reenacted in the movie.

The movie changed the story slightly from what is described on their web site. The owners called the FBI (probably for the reward) but the movie doesn't show it that way.

The Wisconsin lodge Little Bohemia.

The scene of Dillinger back in Indiana custody is recreated accurately. The charm of Dillinger comes out in this picture below from a FBI web page on Dillinger and in the related movie scene.

After watching this scene and then seeing the real picture, I think the real Dillinger looks like an actor.

john dillinger

FBI web page explaining the above picture

My earlier post on the filming of Public Enemies.
For a movie of this type which is based on real events, I prefer to know as much as possible before seeing the movie. I know some don't want to know anything about a movie beforehand. What's your opinion of this?
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alantru said...

I'm seeing it next week for sure!

Bill Lisleman said...

@alantru - I think you'll enjoy it. Are you the type of person who likes to know something about a movie beforehand or one who prefers the less prior knowledge the better? Unless there is some surprise ending I like to know background info.

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