Sunday, March 08, 2009

a green day of shamrocks

saint patrick

St. Patrick's Day will be here in a few days. Most of the celebrations will be this weekend. The Chicago River (the part in the loop area) will be dyed green.

Parades, music, wearing green, and raising a few pints can be expected.

I had a very special St. Patrick's Day back in 1989. It was a Friday that year and by a strange coincidence I finalized a deal with my employer to join the group they recently had acquired in Shannon Ireland.

For those familiar with Ireland (I was not then), Shannon is a river and an airport. It has an office park near the airport.

The deal hammered out included a bonus, transportation of my family (all 7 of us), a car lease in Ireland, and lodging for 3 months. I felt like a won a lottery.

What a difference 20 years make. The group and company's presence there is long gone. But enough of that, I am enjoying the good memories of some great Irish friends.

County Clare is a wonderful place. I don't know if anyone has done a study on this (someone somewhere probably did) - but I think there is some generic trait of music ability within the Irish.

The music ability failed to rub off - but I picked up a liking to Guinness.

Here's a trailer and a clip of music from a great Irish movie called "Waking Ned Devine"

Happy St. Patrick's Day -

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