Monday, January 19, 2009

verizon viral commercial

Verizon Snowy Surprise - Watch more Free Videos

I'm pretty sure it's just an ad but it's well done so it's funny and worth sharing.

"... I have an entire network following me..."

Too bad we all can't feel so important.

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Lilly said...

That was amazing! Yes it can snow here in the south of Australia but no, we would never get anything like this. I lived in Scotland for a few years so know what its like to be in the cold. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I appreciate it. Great blog. I think when I have clicked on your profile in the past it wouldnt let me open it so glad you linked up via Blog Catalogue!

Bill Lisleman said...

@Lilly Thanks for coming by and dropping a comment.

yes my profile was off for a bit, but the blogcatalog is a great way to discover new blogs.

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