Sunday, January 04, 2009

some movie time and a restaurant

This has happened before - I start with a posting idea and as I dig around for more info it gets twisted around into something else.

Starting with a short article in the Chicago Tribune about "Mr. Bean" (the above clip) and this movie industry group called NATO, I ended up finding out about Digital Cinema and the movie connection of a Chicago restaurant that has great ribs.

Ok, lets work backwards - great ribs (based on my wife's and many other's opinion - I'm not a big ribs guy) can be found at "Twin Anchors".

Twin Anchors

So this Twin Anchors place is well connected to the movie industry and Frank Sinatra too. Frank Sinatra eat here often when he was in Chicago. The big movie connection is the filming of "Return to Me" at the restaurant. They spent five weeks filming there.

More recently a scene from "The Dark Knight" was filmed there. You might remember a post or two on that movie here in this blog. here

On to NATO - this one stands for National Association of Theatre Owners. Their site is filled with boxoffice related numbers and Mr. Bean. BTW - the movies and the NATO group had a record year in 2008 unlike the car industry and most everyone else.

Also on the NATO web site is info on Digital Cinema which will change movie going big time. In so many words - new technology and no reels of film. Also this technology makes 3D viewing better.

Here's some links
Digital Cinema
Twin Anchors

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