Friday, December 19, 2008

OH Christmas lets scare the kids

Santa kids

The Chicago Tribune (as they have in the past) has their collection of Santa pictures posted. Also, it seems they are covering the season with a new twist. They ran a investigative report into Santalands or the mall Santa. One the better places was reported to be an Bass Pro Shop, which I never thought as a Santa place. Hmm - Does Santa hunt or fish?

LOL - when I read the following in the report:
There are more screaming children at this Santaland than any other I visited. Although perhaps, that's the idea—younger children, more often than not, lose their cool when placed on Santa's lap, and an elf told me some parents are even disappointed when their child doesn't scream. "They want the blackmail pictures," she explained.
Well its better reading than our governor mess.

Here's the Santa picture page.
the Santaland report.


Ed said...

Santa looks hungry! He will dine on flesh. Human flesh. Living human flesh! :)

lisleman said...

thanks for stopping by - ah did you have dinner yet? The picture didn't have that effect on me. Hope you enjoy the holidays.

MyUSICA said...

Very nice.
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year from Italy

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