Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bozo test for DTV


This is a great idea - use Bozo the clown (hmm, is that when the phrases "blank the whatever" first started - like Joe the plumber?) to test your TV setup for the new digital switch over. If you see Bozo then you don't have your TV setup ready yet. If you see Elvis, well you have other problems.

I love this idea and thank WGN for using some clown humor. Many of us still work with Bozo. Others of us can blame some high level Bozo for our job loss.

Even though WGN can be seen around the country on cable, only the Chicago area viewers will get Bozo and only if they are still using the older analog over the air type setup.

Now I just hope some other Bozo doesn't screw up the test.

The test is tomorrow - Wednesday Nov. 12.

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