Sunday, December 30, 2007

spare parts

Here's a little video of a toy robot that I modified. The Hex Bug toy comes with some small (watch like) batteries so I wanted to have it run on a rechargeable. I happened to get a new cordless razor from Santa so I took the rechargeable batteries from the old one and wired them on the hex bug. I also needed some well placed rubber bands to hold things together. I threw on a gum drop looking LED for that extra touch.

If you are looking for more of real robot --- watch this:


Anonymous said...

Lovely Dad! The bug got more power! Did you try shooting at it?

lisleman said...

thanks for leaving your thoughts - wish more people did - No I didn't shoot it, that would have kill it for sure.

lisleman said...

I just notice the video not working - it said it was not available - I went to the main (full) blog page and it worked - puzzling

David S. said...

Thanks for posting your mod. I just bought a few of these and I agree about not wanting to have to keep buying batteries for them :)

I don't know how handy you are with electronics, but you could always use smaller rechargable batteries and build a charger for them. I really look forward to seeing the different mods people come up with for these things. I plan on incorporating a few different BEAM circuits to mine.

Very nice job!

David S.

lisleman said...

David S.

You know I been looking around the web enough to recognize the BEAM reference even though I have not yet built one. I could make the mod cleaner. I left many extra wires dangling for effect.

The toughest part was coming up with a battery connector (without buying one). I created one from an old female socket (hence the extra wires left on the socket cable) and a rubber band to hold it tight.

My goal is to reuse old parts.

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