Tuesday, September 11, 2007

from PREMIER to dirt bag

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I just used some frequent flyer miles on United. At one time (actually twice I think) I was a "Premier" frequent flyer. Now - forget it I'm just a dirt bag to them.

Back in July I wrote about "mileage runs"
so if you missed it or don't want to follow the link - it's making short trips just to keep your frequent flyer status at a higher level. You know those seats with the extra space between them (called pitch)? You need to be a "Premier" to select those or pay extra money.

Well even before I became a xfoner, they cut back the travel so I went to dirt bag status on United.

Man - there was a time when they sent me free upgrades in the mail - sweet.

Oh, so back to the dirt bag status and my last (might be my very last) mileage transaction. As most travelers I wanted to fly direct. Well I found some good direct flights but when I tried booking at the 25,000 per trip rate - NO those flights were not even offered. I changed some setting and found the direct flights (more than one) were ONLY offered for TWICE the miles = 50,000!!

I'm flying the connecting flight but it sucks to know there were better flights, for the Premiers.

(oh the Mr. Spaceman - he just looks upset like I feel)

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