Sunday, July 22, 2007

winging it

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When I started this blog, I thought it would be good tool to share ideas/news/thoughts about the big change to our lives caused by the demise of Airfone.

Well, it helped organize a few get-togethers (hey anyone want to organize another one just speak up) and I learned by experimenting with blogs. (The blog tools/features are great. Email is still probably better than a blog to organize a known group though.)

So as far as content of the posts - I was just "winging it". You know the "throw it at the wall and see what sticks" kinda thing.

What I found so far:
  • Sharing - not many like to share in such a public forum as this - hence the low number of comments
  • viewers/readers tend not to leave comments for different reasons. I have commented on different blogs around the web but I must admit I don't more often than I do. You can't expect a high percentage of viewers/readers to comment.
  • The number of hits correspond to the frequency of posting. So my once a week or so lately has resulted in a big drop of hits.
  • My initial thought that the group might share memories - didn't happen.
On that last note - One of a number of fond memories of Airfone, was my involvement in the Boeing 777 program. Most of that was very fun. It took me to Seattle and the U.K. often. There were a few trips that were miserable but mostly because I got sick on a few of them.

Oh BTW - I think that solar powered wing pictured above crashed.


Anonymous said...

The building party is Aug. 16th

Bill Lisleman said...

do you mean the outside party put on by the landlord of the buildings?

so you are going to crash the party?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I plan on crashing it.

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