Thursday, June 21, 2007

some yo-yo's

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I remember having a Duncan yo-yo. They had people doing demo's outside of stores.

Ok, let me back-up a bit. I was checking out this site and heard a pitch about this yo-yo nation site. The site puts short clips of start-ups looking for venture capital (no I don't have money to capitalize anything but the beginning of a sentence). I find it interesting to learn about start-ups. Some of the interest is just being aware of the next big thing.

So I hear this yo-yo pitch and the two founders came from a big name brokerage firm (Merill Lynch I think) and left their jobs and started this yo-yo firm. I can just picture one of my kids coming to tell me this type of idea. "What are you some kinda yo-yo?" would be my feedback.

If you happen to check out, you'll find yo-yo's for less than $10 (my type if I still had one) to ones that cost hundreds of dollars. What kinda yo-yo would pay over $100 for a yo-yo?

So here's the video clip (first time I tried one from this place so who knows)

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