Saturday, June 30, 2007

a few things

The hype of this Iphone amazes me. I really love the Mac. Always have since the first time I used one (back in my early days at Airfone). But I don't see my self getting one of these Iphones which seem to be more Ipod than phone. Of course if any of you want me to try one out and report back just pass one my way. Of course my opinion is probably off, I still don't see the appeal of a camera phone (I have one now but it was just part of the package). I'm sure others are different but my VZ phone needs to send the picture over their network (0.25/picture) just to get the picture out of my phone. I would not be surprise if there are some hacks to get it directly but I'm not really interested.

The interface on the Iphone is amazing, so maybe that's a big part of the hype. Here's a web site that took the Iphone apart and shows the world its guts. Take a look if you dare.

Second thing - Apple sure picked a good ad campaign for the Mac - here's a good spoof of it

One more thing - while browsing youtube I found this old clip (TV show of musical??) of Barbara Eden (Dream of Jeanie). What I find amazing (over using this word am I) is the subject of this song - Baghdad - the place sure has changed since they wrote these lyrics. I love the start of the song "Don't underestimate Baghdad".

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