Thursday, May 03, 2007

in the rear view mirror

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Remember last spring ??

"...why I remember when you could make a phone call from a commercial flight..."

From the FCC site :
Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) auction of two nationwide Air-Ground spectrum licenses in the 800 MHz band ended on June 2, 2006, raising total net bids of $38.3 million. The auction began on May 10, 2006 and closed after 144 rounds of bidding. The winning bidders for the two licenses were AC BidCo LLC and LiveTV, LLC.
Wow, I don't remember 144 rounds - oh yeah, we lost interest after we dropped out. I do remember thinking to myself (before May 10, 06) that the auction would be quick - everyone would cave-into the superior bidding and finances of Verizon. It was a sure thing for us.

Now looking back, I wish the auction would have been delayed even longer than it was. What day did we drop out?

Well all this is starting to fade in my mind's rear view mirror.

There are benefits from this:
  • some have even better jobs (I am not in that group yet)
  • some seized the chance for more training
  • some explored new ideas (hey just because it's the internet it's exploration - right?)
  • some traveled more or less
  • some slept in (oh lets move on to other things)
  • some discovered more of themselves
  • some became very rich (positive thinking - always hope)
So do you think we should celebrate our memories some where?
Maybe we could have an auction of something.


Bill Lisleman said...

some feedback came in via email and that form at the bottom of the blog (I didn't know if anyone was going to use that)

so there is some interest in having a get together this month

there's a nice place right across the street from the Lisle train station that would be my choice - Maybe we can get some Chicagoans to ride the train out to join us.

PMEC said...

i like the name. it is funny

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