Sunday, April 29, 2007

California - it's different from the rest

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I found this small article in Sunday's Chicago Tribune. It appears that California maybe starting yet another trend - fee based jail cells. The idea of paying for better accommodations appears to be offered in some California jails.

He's a quote from a visiting (fee paying) immate:
"It's clean here," she said, perched on a couch in a jail day room. "It's safe and everyone here is really nice. I haven't had a problem with any of the other girls. They give me shampoo."
Now if their Assembly Bill 722 is passed someone in the future might be seeing jail time for selling light bulbs (the wrong type). It's not passed yet and if it does the current version called for the effective date to be 2012 so there's time to stock up on regular bulbs. I wonder if a black (maybe it would be a "white market") market will be created for today's common light bulb.

Well it's good to know if you have the cash, doing the time might not be too bad.

I have enjoyed visits to CA and have some relatives out there. Great place to visit but just don't see myself ever living there.

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