Friday, March 02, 2007

Hey there, big guy

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Here's a story that was mentioned on the radio show "Wait wait don't tell me" the other day.

New Mexico is thinking "outside the box" and in the "can" for stopping drunk driving. Well, actually it's in the urinal. They have a trial of 500 talking urinal cakes going on. Hey, if you guys want to buy me a ticket I'll go check it out. It would be nice to get away from this weather.

So a nice female voice (can you imagine being asked to record this message??) starts talking and suggests that the guy call a cab or get a ride from a friend. You can listen to the message here.

Talking Urinal Cakes - what marketing genius thought of this one??? You can buy some at Wizmark. I guess they are activated by liquid.

So they reported on this radio show that a handful of guys have tried to take the urinal home with them (probably that sweet voice and shiny handle).

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