Thursday, January 25, 2007

W-2's & Bonus

Just curious if anyone has received their W-2's in the mail yet or if you can access them via the Hewitt website. I requested a new password be sent to me because I am never home on time to call their call center.

Also, does anyone have any idea on the bonuses? That be a general percentage of the base salary and when we will get them. I imagine it will be about the same time as we did when we were employees, but since we were shown the door, I was wondering if we all fall under some sort of "special" policy.


lisleman said...

only thing i can say with certainty - i have NOT received the w-2 as of 1/25 mail delivery.

I hope we do get some bonus but I'm not expecting much - maybe I'll be surprised that way

yes we are special - we're all special - you're special too!

Anonymous said...

yes this still works

Anonymous said...

Nope I didn't get one yet either. I did get one from my "new" job.


Lab Rat said...

Here's a rat's best guess. Toward the end of March, we'll get 2/3 of whatever we would have gotten had we lasted the entire year. The big question, of course, is 2/3 of what? I'm not sure how they will interpret last year's disaster in terms of meeting objectives. Maybe we'll get something for trying.

I got my 1099s from Fidelity today, including one for the stock option exercise. I'm learning about the tax complexities, with normal income and payroll taxes at time of exercise and capital gains later. Whether the total tax exceeds what I made remains to be determined. As for the W-2, don't they have to get it to us by end of January?

lisleman said...

I understand there is still 23 airfoners left so maybe we'll hear if they got their W-2's.

Kevin Laverty said...

When I was let go, I was told I would get the bonus in March just like before. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

W-2's were distributed yesterday (24th)at Oak brook. I would guess the W-2's for the ex-foners was sent out yesterday from some other place. fm

Eryn said...

Nope I haven't received any W-2 forms but it would be nice to get some bonus. Anything would be great.

Anonymous said...

saturday mail - w-2 one related to pension payout - but the one for my work was all wrong
it said i made $60 some dollars TOTAL
now i'm wondering if i could use those numbers with the IRS - sure would save some tax dollars
well maybe i can get an extension since the tax info needs to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

on monday i received a w-2 that showed a full year of pay (well actually more because the severance took me over a year total) - anyways i still don't under what the one for the small amount of money ($60) is for ??? anybody know?

Anonymous said...

Reads: Group term life insurance over $50k. I called vzhr and they said had to do something w/ supplemental life insur.

Got my w2 tues, 1/30

Lab Rat said...

I guess we now understand that the second W-2 was for the life insurance above the $50k level. Now how to use this info for the tax forms? I think that the amount is simply added to the total income from any and all other W-2s (wages, tips, etc.) However, there are two other smaller figures that seem to represent social security and medicare taxes that weren't paid. Anybody have any idea what to do with that? Also, has anyone dealt with a stock option exercise on their taxes? It's enough to make a rat's small brain hurt.

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