Thursday, December 14, 2006

auto caller - nonstop

Has this happen to you yet??

Some idiot puts your home number in their office FAX by mistake (I'll assume a mistake). Since FAX machines are programmed to repeat the call you keep getting the call again and again. This happened the other day. I received over 10 calls within a two hour period. I called the number back but it was ONLY answered by a FAX machine. I even tried yelling into the phone, hoping that someone near the machine might hear me.

At least the caller ID (does anyone not have caller ID) showed enough of the company name for me to find them on the internet. It was fortunate that they had a web site with contact info. After I finally got through to a live person, she seems a little confused about my story at first, but she finally understood the problem. The FAX calls stopped so I assume she found the badly programmed machine.

Before the broadband project died, I remember we were working with this PBX software called
Asterisk. I also remember Derek R. had set-up a copy at his home (maybe he could comment on this??) The reason I mention this is because this FAX calling problem could have be fixed by blocking (or some other action) the call based on the caller ID if I had a home based Asterisk taking my calls.

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