Sunday, December 10, 2006

alpha, beta, theta - greek geeks OH MY

Blogger (maybe you know this) started a new version of blogger. Of course, I want to try the latest version. I guess someday they will switch us over but for now it's only BETA (not ready yet?). We are being protected from the unstable aspects of a beta, I guess. Why don't you ever hear of the "alpha" or "theta"? It seems a fixed beta stays beta and doesn't become theta. I really don't know any Greek.

So to play in this beta, I needed to start another blog over there. So I did, but of course I don't really want to confuse the few readers I might have with two blogs so I might wait before doing much posting there. Trying to get people to visit one blog is hard enough.

I like the beta features - editing is easier. My only problem was the log-in. After I created the first post on the new one and went back here, I couldn't get back there again. It kept logging me in here instead. Finally, I figured out that the log-in name is different on the beta (confusing). I guess the log-in is not integrated together.

So take a click over to this new version of the blog.

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