Tuesday, June 20, 2006


lisleman said...

now if you have trouble remembering the site url you could just print out this button.

thanks dreamweaverdiva

Anonymous said...

Big losers!

telco princess said...

Hi, Thanks for the invite. I think this is great. To the anonymous that put big losers on this site, I DONT THINK SO. I along with other Airfones think its been a very fun enjoyable ride and we are landing on our feet and I am thankful for my co-pilots (co-workers) and the Pilot (Bill). What happened was not any bodies fault, and the ride was unforgetable.

lisleman said...

Hey telco princess
great name! Thanks so much for a comment. This blog will only work if the community share their thoughts and more importantly ideas for what to do next.

BTW - the "big losers" comment was added as a joke by someone I know. I am very sure he does not consider us losers.

malatina said...

thanks for invite

PMEC said...

i like the name. it is funny

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