Monday, October 16, 2017

thoughts nicely floating along until

More than two years ago I wrote:

As long as I’m blogging
then the world is alright and everything swinging
as long as I’m blogging my post

Today, I still continue posting but not at my previous pace back when I posted those lines above. I wonder why. A faster pace of distractions? Has my blogging momentum dropped? I don’t know. But just as in the past music provides me solace.

Dom dom dom dom
Domby dooby dom...
Whoa, oh, oh

Day dreaming while surfing on easy thoughts until bam. A rogue wave of chaos and confusion sweeps me up. I crash on the cold rocks, salt burning my eyes. Damn I shouldn’t watch the news so much.

Music provides me solace.

If you do listen to this clip I have a question.
Just before the great sax solo (near the 1:10 mark)
“You never give me chance” - are those words followed by a woman’s scream??

Lighten up and blog on

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