Friday, April 15, 2016

I don’t know, what do you think

I make no claim to be a futurist. Probably tougher to get a following as a futurist than as a blogger. Back in the 70’s I read Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock for a college class. The most shocking take away for me was that someone could make lots of money writing about the future.

they are always watching

If I were to write about the future I would start with:
The future is here but we don’t notice because we are more comfortable with the past.

One line which I could blow up to fill the first page. Then what?

One word - graphene.
(really that might be a big thing soon - remember the Graduate movie and the one word advice - plastics?)

I’ll leave you with that futuristic tip for now. Actually what prompted this post was an article in an old fashion tree sacrificed newspaper about smart billboards. It said that one was placed on a road nearby. I didn’t drive out to see it but I don’t care for the idea. Connected to this digital smart billboard is a camera watching the road. They identify the type of car approaching and customize the sign for the driver of that car. I assume in busy traffic they just pick one car.

Yeah it’s a limited type of surveillance but I wonder where it is headed in the future. The marketing clowns could save, sort and search for trends in the those road pictures. Here’s a clip of a similar one used in Australia.

While researching this I found a few other interactive marketing displays. These were target to shoppers walking near the sign/display. I noticed one important difference, the road billboard didn’t invite me to participate it just watched me. With these other types you can just choose to walk on by and ignore it. The target decides if they want to interact.

Has anyone interacted with displays like this yet?

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