Thursday, June 12, 2014

fragments on a full moon

While I wrote my Friday Fragment post, I noticed that this Friday is the 13th. Now I'm not very superstitious but I do notice the number 13. Here's evidence that the 13th can't be all bad, she-who-keeps-me-around was born on the 13th (not this month). Her birth and my birth along with us meeting each other years ago all combined to produce paradise. Well, on our good days.

Don't let any superstitions keep you from reading the FF posts that Mrs. 4444 collects on her blog. Hey, I think FF posting brings good luck.

Luck? loose with the money - tight with the pants

I got curious about the 13th and all this triskaidekaphobia. I wonder how many spelling bee contestants that word brought down.

The National Geographic site has a few articles about Friday the 13th.  This year there will only be one but it happens to coincide with a full moon.  Know any superstitious werewolves?  Every year will have at least 1 and at most 3 Friday the 13ths.  If so inclined, you can do some modular arithmetic to show that. (link to NGM article)

doing hammock testing duty

Rocking as I blog. Rocking as in a hammock swinging. Now this hammock is not on any of the enjoyable beaches I've rested my bones.  It's not the hammock in the above picture.  That was on a vacation. No it's in our backyard. Less expensive since I live a good drive from any beach. Mother Nature is playing along by providing a nice breeze.

Attitude, perspective, good beer, and time can be ingredients for an pleasurable moment.

The expression "time is money" - I am finding it doesn't apply to retirement. Plenty of one without the other. Anyone know the exchange rate for this time on my hands?

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Remember in those old wild west movies when an old cowboy would sign his name with an ‘X’? Over the years my signature is morphing into a scribble that makes an ‘X’ look good.

Thanks for taking the time to read down to here.  Please share a comment.  This blog runs swings with comments.

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