Sunday, May 25, 2014

unboxed thoughts

I’m sure most of you have heard the “think outside the box” suggestion. I ALWAYS do. Actually, I don’t know anyone who goes inside a box to think (what exactly is a think tank?). However, I often have some good thinking in the shower. Here’s thoughts based on “never-been-in-a-box-thinking”.

Over at McDonald’s Corporation recently thinking and a box came together. According to twitter reports (did you know we have twitter reports now?) the thinking about their happy meal box character was not well received. I would have voted for less teeth.

this box needed more thought

Just because the TV box has gone flat doesn’t make it a very good box for thinking.

The facebook goes on. Friends cry, “Hey friend do you got a like”. And the beat goes on. (on the subject of the beat going on - did you know Cher is still touring? She launched a 2014 tour.)

Many Americans will be having a Tuesday-Monday this week. Blog reading drops around holidays as it should. Even though I enjoy blogging, getting out into the sunshine of the real world has benefits. We need to just say no to social media at times. Check you on flip side.


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