Thursday, May 15, 2014

fragments of the youtube

Time, time, time, see what's become of me.
While I looked around for my possibilities...

Like me, I'm sure most of you are totally finished with any hazy shade of winter.  The Bangles version of the song does have a good beat.  Today, under the heavy influence of youtube I offer you my Friday Fragment possibilities.  Be sure to browse over and check other FF posts collected by Mrs. 4444 (was she formerly in a rock band or am I confusing her with a different blogger?)

This post has a few youtube clips in it. Regular readers of my blog know I enjoy sharing music videos. However, I do realize not everyone reading the blog has the time or opportunity (at work, no headphones, hangover, etc.) to watch and listen to the clips. For those who can not watch the clips today, I offer you this:
It reminds me of the two monkeys taking a bath.
The first monkey says, "whoo ahh ahh whoo ooo oot ahh!" (loud monkey sound)
The second monkey says, "add some cold water first!"

Alright, that made no sense what so ever. Let's move on and watch a few clips.

Susanna Hoffs (former Bangles singer) has a number of good videos on youtube.  Her performance of this classic sixties hit (points for naming the female singer having her first hit with it) "Different Drum" left me daydreaming of how being turned down by a beautiful voice would certainly be worth the effort of trying.

...but honey child I got my doubts, you can see the clips...

This next song from my glorious youth (hey it's my blog, my story) was a hit for the Vogues. Youtube suggested (great suggestion) that I watch the Drew Carey Show version of it. A good combination of song and funny acting.

...anyone work at an office with fun dancing?...

One more but I could easily add ten more.  This next one is not a song but a poem.  It emphasizes the difference of daily life of my youth and that of a typical youth today.  The writer gives us a wake-up call with his look-up message.

Have you too found youtube clips of old songs or shows bring you refreshed memories?

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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