Thursday, April 10, 2014

how deep is your fragment

aaahhh - not very deep over here

Have you jumped into the Friday Fragment pool yet? Actually, after reading Mrs. 4444’s blog (the princess of Fragments), I suspect her pool might be filled with maple syrup. She has collected 30 gallons of maple sap - very sappy place she has in those northern woods.

go jump in a lake

I realize that it takes all kinds to make the world go round (as they say but really the world was spinning before man showed up). So I may write or post a picture of something in which a reader just doesn’t find any humor. I’m sure it has happened. I want to thank you upfront (thanking you from behind could get us both in trouble) for enduring another post of the rumblings of my mind.

baby's wet

The above picture is a great physical implementation of a pun.  Are you on board with it?

I don’t know if you noticed but I typically post my FF creation on Thursday. You see, Thursday is the new Friday. I’m sick of hearing "whatever is the new whatever" statements. Why do we repeat this idiotic idea of an old thing being different and new (and improved?) ?

taco talking - I wasn’t a fan of Breaking Bad but I know many were. I watched a few episodes on DVD when our daughter was binge watching a season once. It did offer a very interesting plot.

The other day, after an over-full meal at our local Mexican restaurant (even good food has a limit) I starred in the lead role of my own production of Breaking Wind. (seasoning the season)

Taglines - you do know there are people (not many) who make money creating them. Anyone know of a crematorium needing a new tagline? I spotted a great one the other day. 
Cremation - you’re last chance for a smoking hot body.

Remember when Saturday Night Live was fresh and just the best? I still laugh at some of the skits but so often comedy has “use by” freshness date. Not all comedy does but much of it relates to a period and its current events. An inspiring part of the older SNL was “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”. I consider him a genius. He has a web site but right on the front page he clearly states that no deep thoughts may posted on websites without permission. I respect that. I figure a link to his site would be good and welcomed. The following link takes you to his random deep thought generator. They make me laugh almost every time. Oh please return here after your laugh and share a comment. 
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

How deep is your love, how deep is your love 
I really need to learn 
'Cause were living in a world of fools 
Breaking us down 
When they all should let us be 
We belong to you and me 

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Judy said...

Your mind is very deep and it would take a lot to find everything in it. keep fragging.

Star Traci said...

I must have listened to "How Deep is Your Love" hundreds of times when I was a kid -- sorry, Mom! That was on 8-track, BTW.
I love the Baby on Board!

lisleman said...

Oh those troublesome 8-tracks. I'm surprised you got hundreds of plays out of it. Those tapes broke or got mutilated too often.
Good to know you found the baby-on-board funny too.

lisleman said...

Hmm, mining gems from my mine of thoughts can be fun but often I just come up empty. thanks

tckk said...

Love the cremation line!

Kathy said...

Your fragments crack me up!
Loved the 'baby on board'! LOL
And that cremation tagline sounds very familiar :)

lisleman said...

Thanks Was it your blog where I read that tag line ? I really could not remember what blog it was where I read it. I do recall the post was about cremation. Thanks

lisleman said...

Thanks I read that line on a blog. I think Kathy who commented here maybe the one who posted it. It was worth repeating.

Gorilla Bananas said...

The title of this post immediately made me think of the Bee Gees' song, so I'm delighted that you ended with it. I suspect that 'Baby on Board' was a staged gag for the camera. I don't believe that thing is permanently on the rear windscreen.

Secret Agent Woman said...

You're on a bit of a BeeGees kick lately.

I like the baby on board.

lisleman said...

thanks - Now I would not stick a board on my windshield but I've seen many strange things on cars. Well even if it was staged don't you agree it is still a funny picture?

lisleman said...

It could be that I'm stuck in a retro mood. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

Baby on board..wet baby hahahaha and "smoking hot body"...You have picked out some funny lines today.

I, too loved SNL in the early days and while some of it was "use by freshness" date, some of it remains classic humor...just funny.

lisleman said...

Oh I agree that many of the old SNL skits are still funny today. Many of the political ones probably lost their impact since many people need to be reminded of the characteristics of the targeted politician. I did find the "smoking hot body" line on Kathy's blog but really couldn't remember which blog. She commented that it was very familiar.


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