Monday, April 28, 2014

free-range bloggers and a dryer

Blog around much?

I do. Maybe you are free-range blogger. Better that than a fast food blogger.

Free-range means freedom to me. Blogging offers you freedom to set your own rules. Write what and when you want (real life often constrains the when) Of course some rules and/or words have the potential to turn readers away. Readers are essential for blogs. Your pictures, stories, thoughts, ideas, etc. need a reader for the sharing to occur. Comments from readers (not the spammer bots) are blog gold.

The other day, I read a post by Peggy (an Aussie blogger) that brought up the issue of our digital age’s impact on us and society. (check out her great post) While there are certainly many pros and cons to this digital age that streams into our lives, I consider blogging mostly on the pro side. (no surprise there)

My time today out wandering the real world left me thinking about how blogging can alter your view of the real world. As a blogger do you find yourself noticing and taking note of things/events for future use as a post topic? I have this little reporter guy in my head who typically forgets to take good notes. Do you?

The customer in front of me at the fast food counter today had a cellphone that looked older than my ancient flip-phone. He had it strapped to his belt (don't see that much anymore either). It looked like the old Nokia small slim brick ones. His phone made me feel up-to-date (say 2005 up-to-date).

I have a flip phone. I'm holding off from the smartphone craze. It's just a fad. My flip phone survives drops pretty well and the replaceable battery lasts. I did have the hinge break on one flip phone once. Recently some 20-somethings relatives were in shock that I still used my flip phone. One asked me how do I get on FB. Duh, a laptop.

We often watch TV with the I-pad nearby to look up whatever. I fixed our dryer by watching youtube clips about it. (here’s my post on the dryer)

Most of the time my posts are much less serious than fixing a dryer. My goal here is to generate a smile or even a laugh and have fun. Occasionally, I’ve accidentally inspired another blogger with an idea for a post. That just seems like magic to me.

How do you see blogging fitting into our digital age?

Then I saw her face
Now I'm a blogger.
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind.
I’m in trouble
I’m a blogger
I couldn’t leave it if I tried.

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