Wednesday, April 09, 2014

cream - whipped or sour

I guess you can it both ways at the same time. I think of whipped cream as the sweet topping for a sundae or piece of pumpkin pie. Is this making you hungry? Well, actually I want to reminisce about music from the sixties, and LPs. Also, I discovered an album from that era that I had never known.

Oh the days when I was into vinyl. I’m referring to vinyl LPs. Yes I know you can still find vinyl LPs being sold but they are the exception today. Most of music I listen to today has been digitized. Either copied from a CD or downloaded from the web. You can’t put a vinyl LP directly into your Ipod. Carrying a record player around is not really mobile. So there are advantages to our digital music.

One aspect of the old LP days you might have forgotten or a younger reader never had known, is the LP art. I believe some of the album's cover art work was better than the music on the album. Do you remember this sexy cover?

The title song, “Whipped Cream” was etched into our brains by the TV show, “The Dating Game”. What a mistake to think I could learn dating tips from the show. I guess it reinforced the idea that dating is a game.

I’m including a youtube clip of “Whipping Cream” below for those wanting to refresh their memories. Maybe you’ll want to play it in the background during your dating game home version.

While deep in research on this album (at least 30 minutes) I found a parody of the album. Hah a parody, how surprising (not!) Lisleman would be interested in a parody.

Funny title too - “Sour Cream and Other Delights” (I wonder if making the album cover gave them smoother softer skin?)

Those five ladies vs. the young one -  I'll l bet the ladies have more recipes for sour or sweet cream than that sweet young one does.  Also, I know that thought never crossed my teenage mind.

Here’s The Frivolous Five’s version (slightly off key I believe)

Whipped Cream by The Frivolous Five on Grooveshark


Bearman Cartoons said...

I prefer whipped cream on my ice cream over sour....

lisleman said...

Sour cream on ice cream - you might be able to market that idea. I wouldn't buy it but I've seen stranger things sold.

Cheryl P. said...

I actually still have that album. I have gotten rid of a lot of vinyl but that one still remains here.

Funny cover for the parody album. It doesn't have quite the impact that the original did.

lisleman said...

The cover of that one might be worth more than the actual album. Don't know if you were able to give the parody one a quick listen but they sound pretty bad. thanks

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