Thursday, April 03, 2014

about fragment time

Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragment postings started before I joined in. But after writing a few, I latched on to it like a terrier does with a rag doll. Oh wait, that makes me sound like a little dog.  How about a duck taking to the water?  I should just avoid these animals.  I'm a blogger and the FF post is a fun and easy post to write (the image of the terrier shaking that rag doll still seems more exciting).  You should give it a try if you have not yet.

Mrs. 4444 (the FF blog host who started collecting these posts) has been counting her FF postings.  That doesn't surprise me with a moniker like 4444.  Her count is approaching 300 and she is offering a contest to celebrate (more about it at this link).

maybe I could try a tiger analogy

When I feel adventurous I ignore the warning and insert the Q-tip into my ear canal for a good cleaning. BTW, why is it called a canal? 
canal - noun: a long narrow place that is filled with water and was created by people so that boats could pass through it

I’ll assume you have heard of those ancient astronomical sites. Maybe you have even visited one or two of them. I have one here at home. Except the house is not really ancient (somedays I wonder).

Astronomy and my garage door -  Just like Stonehenge or some Inca temple my garage door’s position has a special alignment with the sun’s position twice a year. I should record the dates and have a celebration but before I get carried away I need to tell you a little story about it.

Ok, so this sun alignment messes up the door’s infrared safety beam on particular afternoons. Last Saturday was one such alignment day. Actually we were heading off to a celebration. She-who-knows and her mom had already pulled out of the driveway and were waiting on me in the car. I pushed the outside button and the door immediately did its halt and reverse safety move. Having worshiped the technology of the opener system, I knew the source of the problem.

Oh one more bit of background. As many of you know all too well we have had cold dark winter that is not easily giving up its grip.

Quickly, I need to find an object to block the sun rays and close the door. As I try to think of what to grab, I realize the two ladies waiting in the car will be losing their patience.

I turn and take a few steps toward the waiting car and notice the windows are rolled up. With my best booming voice I yell “it’s the sun, the sun” while I thrust my finger at the bright afternoon sun. Just as I turn back to solve my personal solstice problem I spot the young neighbor woman across the street. With strange look, she muttered something but I’m not sure what.

I’m sure she was wondering why the old fool across the street was pointing and shouting “it’s the sun” like the little guy yelled “the plane, the plane” in the TV show, Fantasy Island. She probably chalked it up to a severe case of cabin fever.

Now that was one of my longer fragments but that's the great thing of the FF post - very few rules. Well, my train of thought has left the station. I'll leave you with this funny and potentially useful youtube clip.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I could have used that tip in my drinking days. Although, I think I might have worn safety glasses for fear of the bottle shattering from the way they were slamming that bottle on the wall.

lisleman said...

I do think you need the right type of shoe. High heels is not going to do it. I would probably not notice the cork out and spill wine all over.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

That'd be me too. Then I would have been lapping it up off the floor!!

doreenmcgettigan said...

So it is the sun that causes
Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

Sorry I don't drink however i am glad your train ( car ) was able to leave the station (garage)

lisleman said...

thanks - don't assume that it left the station on any tracks.

tckk said...

You lost me on the Gumby thing, but I get the garage door, I think. The video was rather funny, but since I don't drink, I guess I won't be finding out if its for real or not. :)

Have a great weekend.

Star Traci said...

I love anyone who makes a Fantasy Island reference -- that story about the door is hilarious. I've never heard of that happening. BTW, I run wild and crazy with Q-tips daily.
Happy Friday!

lisleman said...

thanks for checking out the clip. Gumby's picture is one I use often just because I think Gumby is funny. I could have been thinking Gumby would look like he is telling the story.
thanks and have a great weekend

lisleman said...

funny - so you always have a Q-tip at the ready? I think it is a sign of the craziness of lawyers that they put a warning about one of the popular uses of them.

Mrs4444 said...

Something tells me that isn't the first time your neighbor shook her head, gazing across the street.haha

The Q-tip reference? Way to live on the edge,Bill! I do it, too; I don't think I'd survive without a good daily Qtip once-over.

Thanks for linking up and for sharing the FFTC button; it looks purty on your page! Have a great weekend.

lisleman said...

ya probably not. No one has called the police yet.

ItFeelsLikeChaos said...

I like your sun story, made me smile, and feel a bit less odd because my neighbors are wondering why I've been hollering out the back door, "Stop eating june bugs!" (My dog keeps eating the june bugs and then throwing them up inside later, but my neighbors don't know that part of the explanation!)

lisleman said...

That's funny if you don't know who is eating the bugs. thanks for sharing.

Secret Agent Woman said...

The word canal means channel or pipe - it's more general than just a waterway for boats. So in that sense, canal makes sense for an anatomical feature that is tube-like.

lisleman said...

What do I know - I think duct or tube makes more sense. We have tear ducts and various body parts are called tubes. The only other canal I can think of is the birth canal which only sounds normal because we are used to the term. I so wish my drainpipes in my nose didn't get stuffed up so often. It's a good thing Greek and Latin kept the common folk from naming too many parts.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Actually, there are other "canals" in the body:

lisleman said...

OK I give up. With that many canals in my skull I should buy a Panama hat.

Nita said...

I will have to give that bottle opening technique a try, although it looks like one has to have a great deal of energy first. hehehe....maybe your neighbor should keep her phone camera on the ready to get herself a great video.

lisleman said...

Yes that would have been a good video. She would had to think fast since it didn't last long. Let me know if you spill the wine.

Cheryl P. said...

I hadn't ever heard about the sun interfering with the garage door...good to know if it ever would happen to me.

As for the wine...lotta work for a drink of wine. Perhaps if someone needs wine that desperately that they feel the need to start banging it against a wall they might want to look up the nearest AA meeting.

lisleman said...

If it hasn't happened than the angles of the sun rays are probably not a problem for your setup. If I were to flip the two ends of the safety beam (it works 362 days of year - why fix it??) around to the other side the problem would go away.
Hey if you are drinking in the woods this is very good info. Now, it has been many many years since I was drinking in the woods. Come to think of it we had screw-off tops on our Boone's Farm.

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