Wednesday, March 26, 2014

you are annoying

Oh not you humans.  This title is directed toward the computer generated spam commenting systems.  They must be computer generated since the comments are so lame and I noticed they arrive within minutes of each other.  Hopefully, you real humans will never see these dumb comments because Blogger catches most of them and then the Disqus comment system likely will catch any others.

I have gotten in the habit of cleaning-out/deleting the comments found under spam on the blogger control page/panel (forgot what that page is called).  I typically do a quick scan of the spam.  The targeted posts are often old ones.  My posts that are more than a year and a half old have the comments turned off by Disqus.  I assume the comment spammers don't even bother to check if their spam is showing up.  Hey idiots - it's not showing!

So during today's cleaning I noticed many spam comments on an old post about annoying music-on-hold.  I thought I would just delete this old post.  Maybe the deleting will mess up their computer program.  Deleting it also gives me a reason to share it again with the humans. 

(Enjoy my old post)

What clown thought that people would enjoy music on-hold???

While waiting over 25 minutes to speak to a Customer Account EXECUTIVE (I'm thinking the same clown is in charge of job titles) I was about to break. I started planning my escape from the hell of hold.

Even the mythical Greek King Sisyphus (look it up it's Greek and don't confuse it with Syphilus who was created by an Italian doctor and poet as the character who is the first to contract the disease) didn't have to listen to the same lame song over and over again while he was rolling his rock.

The repetitive music just adds to the aggravation I had from the reason for the call, a service problem. Dead silence is not better. Some feedback helps me know the system is still screwing with me. I think their system just figures the average time people are willing to hold. Then they have you hold a bit longer. They want you to hang up because why would they want to talk to their customers? 

Some variety of music would be a little better. The systems that provide an estimate of remaining time are an improvement.

One the comments from the post was funny and sad.  The reader told me she once had music that skipped while on-hold.  That's really annoying!


Secret Agent Woman said...

I'd rather have hold music than one of those recorded voice things where they tell you over and over how important your call is to them.

Cheryl P. said...

That title really gets a person's attention. Had you meant that I was annoying I wouldn't of argued the point.

Yes, spammers are a PITA. I, too do a quick scan from time to time to remove the Blogger spam. I hardly ever get any on Disqus.

As far as music while waiting in customer service hell, I agree with Secret Agent Woman, it's better than the constant reminder of my importance to their company that doesn't think I am important enough to talk to.
I agree with you that when there is silence it's no better....hearing "nothing" t invariabley means I have been disconnected and will have to start all over again.

lisleman said...

those voice messages are very disingenuous.
Really the best is simply short hold times.

lisleman said...

Good to know I found a good title. I think the most attention getting titles have the word sex or sexy in them. One of my favorite titles was "scaramouche scaramouche will you do the fandango". I used it on my other low viewed blog.

What we all want is shorter hold times.

Mrs4444 said...

I think it would be nice to hear trivia questions. Or maybe audio blog posts!haha Or podcasts, the topics of which you could choose. I totally agree with you on the way they stretch patience to the limit and hope you hang up before they come back!

lisleman said...

podcasts that's an interesting twist

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