Thursday, March 27, 2014

more than a fragment to me

Did you know Mrs. 4444 sets a table of fragments for us every Friday? (actually a set of links) Check it out and mind your manners there.

I tried getting Cyndi Lauper’s attention on stage once though.

back when hair was darker and I shaved more

Internet service dropped out for at least 20 minutes today. Ironically (sadistically?) the first email I receive after it came back up was an ad from the service provider, Comcast.  No joke.

Telemarketing calls are a regular nuisance at our house. Most go unanswered. But I believe our old landline catches most of them because we rarely get them on our cell phones. Long ago, at least you would get a person on the other end. Today the computers call you. Often the line is dead if I happen to pickup because the caller ID was confusing enough. The computers are just checking for live people I believe.

Back when I did get a person or two, I could at least have a little fun dragging out the call and wasting their time. I just came up with an idea for having fun with a telemarketer. I will pretend their voice sounds like my soul brother from another mother or my soul sister from another mister.

I friend dead people. - that Lisleman comment was inspired by Cheryl’s post at The Art of Being Conflicted.

While I'm thinking of other bloggers, many years ago Unknown Mami left this advice in a comment section on my I Can’t Blog blog. 

"As far as tips for blogging go, I say: 
You gotta blog where you wanna blog, and blog what you wanna blog, whenever you wanna blog it."

Headline - Starbucks to add alcohol in evenings at thousands of stores - My take, if you have too much they can brew a strong wake-you-up drink before they close. Instead of going that way why not do the opposite and offer strong coffee at bars?

This post has been more than a fragment to me. Next week I was thinking of writing, how deep is your fragment.



ginger said...

Wow this post is all over the place. You got the picture of the boat but not sure how that fit into the story. Guess im not good with fragments.

lisleman said...

my fragment posts on Friday are typically all over the place. Sometimes I have a theme. The picture from the boat is just a silly picture of me. I need to remind people what my goatee looked like.
thanks for sharing a comment.

tckk said...

You're definitely fragmented today! haha The pics are too funny!

Star Traci said...

First, love the Cyndi Lauper pic! She was my hero!
Unknown Mami gives awesome advice. I <3 her!
Finally, the email story is hilarious. I had a similar experience.

lisleman said...

I'm glad you liked the pics

lisleman said...

Your hero - I found a great (long) clip on youtube of a concert she did. I think it was in NYC. I found it months ago. She tells a few good stories.

Judy said...

You always have a laugh or two for me. Thanks for brightening up my gloomy Friday. As far as telemarketers go we have Call display and just leave them. We disconnected our answering machine so they can't annoy us that way either.

lisleman said...

Isn't terrible that we have to resort to such measures to avoid these nuisance calls? I heard some is working on a better system to block the calls. The Do Not Call list helps but only if the companies follow the rules. Caller ID can be modified to show anything you want.

Mrs4444 said...

Loved those BeeGees...and the disco dancing! Thanks for linking up.

lisleman said...

Their singing harmony and range was great. However, as I look at the picture on this video clip I think those hairy chests just seem too much. As in too much like an ape. Well I guess it's better than tattoos.

Mrs4444 said...

Mr.4444 would say, "Hey! I resemble that remark!"

Secret Agent Woman said...

Who wants caffeinated coffee at night?

BeeGees. Loved them as a teen.

lisleman said...

Being inebriated and still having some sense might convince me to switch to coffee during the later hours. I guess switching to water works too. As I mentioned in other replies, I like their harmony and range but their hairy chests appear to be too ape like.

Secret Agent Woman said...

That was part of their appeal.

lisleman said...

I assume you mean the hairy chest. I'm thinking of doing a quick blog survey on this. I just found a report study saying that the majority of women do not prefer hairy chests. I think the preference changes from generation to generation.

Nita said...

1st Thank you for the wake up call! Not sure how I managed to forget to link up to Mrs. 4444's Fragtastic party, but I am linked up now. :D
photo 1 ... not sure I can unsee that! Photo 2 .... nice! Photo 3 ... hmmm... well it sure isn't a little crapper in the boonies, but nice goatee.
(Nita thinks to herself "oh ya! a nice hot white chocolate mocha Irish cream would taste sooooooo good! Especially if I could share it with Barry ;) ")

lisleman said...

Good to see a variety of reactions to the fragments. Photo 1 just makes me laugh. The crapper - is on my sister's boat. I don't have a boat but my sister is very willing to give me rides. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

There is a lot of funny in this post. I am sorry I was slow to read it...did I mention that I am keeping my 2 little grandson's this week and I am exhausted?

How Ironic is that that the first call after an outage is Comcast? Hahaha

We too are bothered by phone calls on the hard line phone which is odd because we are on every no-call list but then charities are exempt.
I have gotten more on my cell phone lately so I guess that is the new frontier form call centers.

Thanks for the mention..I always appreciate it.

Interesting about Starbucks adding alcohol. I am not at all surprised. Everyone is trying to figure out all the angles for making money these days.

lisleman said...

New angles for making money is core to capitalism which I think is the best system so far. Not to say it doesn't need improving such as blocking nuisance companies from ringing your phone.
Two toddler boys to watch? Have they found a good mud puddle yet? Have fun and try Advil (do you think the company would sponsor me?).

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