Thursday, March 20, 2014

Every Fragment tells a story

Friday Fragments might not tell page-turning stories (blog pages don’t turn) but there is a little bit of story behind each one. Get your fill of fragment stories at Mrs. 4444’s blog.

I’m not going to say I’m excited about spring but I really want it to start. I miss it so.  It’s more of being tired of this hazy shade of winter. Look around, read some fragments. Oh, seasons change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry, won't you stop and leave me a comment below?

Releasing internal gas is very awkward when others are near. I read that everyone has gas at some point.  It's part of the natural digestive process. She-who-knows always has an excuse on her rare occasions that get noticed in the breeze. She is the one who told me that fat can produce flatulence.  According to that sign our military used fat for explosives.  It can't be too easy to make since the TSA doesn't screen for fat.

Today I made myself lunch and used an opener. I felt so dishonest because the opener has a label on it saying “Good Cook”.

I read this retro marketing, or flashback branding (flashback - really that's the best term these clowns can come up with?) article about MillerCoors (I had forgotten they merged).  A product from the 70's being called retro does make me feel old.  The retro thing about this beer is the packaging, the can.  Miller Lite is having success with the retro white can they used in the 70's.  Now back in 70's, early in my drinking experiences the taste of the beer or wine was not a critical factor.  Price and accessibility mattered more than good taste.  A beer company whose advertizing is based on their packaging tells me they don't focus on taste.  I don't drink beer from a can anymore.  The best way is from a the tap at a bar but bottles are fine.  You should always pour the beer into a glass so that the aroma is enjoyed too (similar to wine).  Did I grow up and become a beer snob?  Maybe, I don't care if you drink that tasteless crap, I just don't want any of it.

I spotted this strange (mascot?) thing on FB the other day. I posted a question about it this week.  Thank you readers for sharing your answers in the comment section.

Are Pinterest users (I'm one too) called pinners?

Lisleman’s thought from the shower - You know if you rock in a rocker it is ok but if you rock in just a plain seat, then people look at you funny.

Did you notice the inspiration for today's title was a rock classic?  “Every Picture Tells a Story” is not my favorite Rod Stewart song (“Maggie May" is the best IMHO) but I like its beginning lyrics. Here’s how it starts:

Spent some time feelin' inferior
standing in front of my mirror
Combed my hair in a thousand ways
but I came out looking just the same
I can relate to most of those first few lines.
Half-Past Kissin' Time


Scarlet Blue said...

I like how you weave fragments in a tapestry and I'm drinking my Vodka and lime....
And humming a tune!

lisleman said...

thanks but you have me wishing I had a vodka and lime now.

Judy said...

Always an interesting perspective in your blog. Thanks for the introspection.

lisleman said...

thanks - I probably would say strange perspective. If I got a little introspection going, all the better.

Frau said...

You have got a lot going on upstairs your fragments are always entertaining! I'm not a beer snob either but I can't drink beer from a car either.....just wrong! Have a wonderful weekend!

tckk said...

We've got a McDonalds not to far from our town that looks just like that one, except they have now added a drive-thru.

Never seen that little creature on my FB...I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

lisleman said...

So are you a pinner? I didn't think I would care for pinterest but it has fun and interesting stuff. I like it.

Kay @Kay's Little Korner said...

That is one of my fave Simon and Garfunkle tunes!! I found it funny that a can opener was called 'good cook'. My son would agree. Hubby won't drink beer from a can either and yes he is a beer snob. We have friends who are into brewing their own. We are wine snobs, so I fully get the taste being a necessity. So what if the can looks good?? What an interesting social study it would be as to why the retro packaging is such a hit? Could folks be longing more for yesteryear than we know??

Gorilla Bananas said...

Beer connoisseurs tell me that "real ales" have taste, whereas lagers are vile concoctions that have to be served chilled. Are "ales" served in the USA?

lisleman said...

My take on the retro stuff is it attracts a few older people who long for their yesteryears but the bigger target is young people who find it cool as in just different.
Good to know another reader who understands good taste.
I like the Bangles version of "Hazy Shade of Winter" better than the Simon & Garfunkle's original. I thought of including a youtube clip of it but figured the post was long enough already.

lisleman said...

Oh there are certainly many ales available here. One of the bigger brands of ale is Samuel Adams which makes a few different ales. Also craft beers are popular now. The term of "craft brewery" is given to smaller breweries which typically brew all types of beer. There are good lagers but I tend to agree that other types have more flavor. You are very right about the level Americans seem to chill their beer. Very cold beer loses it's taste. Often it comes down to the reason to drink beer. If you enjoy the flavor experience you go one way, but if you just want to get drunk quickly then cheap no taste cold beer works fine.

unknownmami said...

I love that opening sign. I'm going to have to bookmark this post so that I can show it to hubby. He will enjoy it.

Cheryl P. said...

I don't drink alcohol because of alcohol intolerance and I wasn't aware that Miller and Coors merged. I must of missed that news. I do remember when everyone wanted Coors because it wasn't available in some states. Just tell people that they can't have something and they want it all the more.

Love the McDonald's picture. Wasn't one of the first McDonald (if not the first) started in Des Plaines? There was one in the late 50s in Kankakee. I remember is was a huge treat for us to go there.

I agree that spring needs to make an appearance soon. We are supposed to get snow flurries tonight here in KC. That is rare to still be this cold here.

lisleman said...

thanks - If found the sign awhile ago on the internet (maybe in an email?). I think it is real. I like companies with a sense of humor.

lisleman said...

I was one those people wanting Coors when it was not sold east of the Mississippi. Today I find Coors as tasteless.
McDonald has strong ties to Illinois. There headquarters is in Oak Brook. In the headquarter building there is a Ray Kroc museum. Our daughter did a school assignment based on Ray Kroc. He bought the hamburger chain from the McDonald brothers in California. The Des Plaines one you mention is the first one under Ray Kroc's operation. There were earlier ones in CA and AZ. We had an older styled one in my hometown. I remember cutting out of high school to have lunch there. Maybe I should do a post on that. I still like McDonalds and am glad they improved their coffee a few years ago.

Mrs4444 said...

Loved the "wet our plants" reference. I suppose the beer snobbery comes with being able to afford beer that doesn't come from a can. I haven't had much beer (since college) and prefer a little Baileys on-the-rocks when I do imbibe.

Thanks for linking up!

lisleman said...

I enjoy Baileys on the rocks. Nice for sipping. You are right about being able to afford the better beer. However, total cost comes from price per item times the number of items. So simple arithmetic (which is difficult if you imbibe too much) shows good beer can be enjoyed if you don't drink as much of it. Young drinkers tend to go for volume.

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