Saturday, February 01, 2014

an example of how my blogging is going

Tonight's subject - How my blogging has been going recently or in other words where did the spirit that moves me go?

your right (the red shoe kid)

My travels through blogland have shown me that the desire to post and the ability to post get out of sync with each other at times. Even when life events have little or no impact, the keyboard and the fingers just refuse to play well together at times. When I find myself in times of trouble, (mother Mary comes to me, posting words of wisdom, let it blog) I often go back and read a few of my old posts.

I came across this conversation example I posted once that shows how we can all get stuck expressing ourselves. As we age and our focus dulls, often our conversations turn into word guessing games. The guessing can provide comic relief in some situations. This was taken from the middle of an attempt at conversation with a sibling not too long ago:

“Oh what was it I was going to say It was somewhere we were and I was laughing about something.”
“That’s pretty vague. How would I know but here’s a few clues from our conversation so far:
the beach,
“No that doesn’t help. Oh darn, it was a good story too.”
“Well maybe it will come you later.”
“Oh, oh, now I remember. Remember the time you dropped your ice cream cone on the back seat and then tried to lick it off?”
“No not really.”

( ... there will be an answer
let it be ...)


Gorilla Bananas said...

Well, your memory can't be that bad if you remembered something your sibling forgot (or maybe repressed?). Hello Goodbye is the Beatles song about communication out-of sync. Maybe there's another one that's even more pertinent,

Joanne said...

The blazing falling stars of memory, gone before captured. I know them well.
Licking ice cream off the seat is worth remembering

Frau said...

Love conversations like that with siblings....someone always remembers a different story! Happy SUnday!

Cheryl P. said...

Is that a picture of you and a sibling? Cute picture.

Yes, inspiration and desire to post has it's ebbs and tides. I check my reader feed and notice trends of some of the blogs I follow. It's interesting to see blogs that go away for periods of time then return.

I am thinking that maybe taking a break would be a good thing for me. I have lost a lot of my mojo for writing as of late.

lisleman said...

"Hello Goodbye "reminds me of discussions(?) I have with my wife. You are right that is a better match for out-of-sync communications. The "Let It Be" came to me because of the lyrics, "myself in times of trouble" and "there will be an answer".

lisleman said...

Only if it was really good ice cream. You are so poetic - blazing falling stars of memory. Did that just come to you or is it part of a quote/poem?

lisleman said...

You are very right, each of us sees the same event a little differently.

lisleman said...

Thanks. Yes that's my older brother.
Taking a break? Please let us know on the blog. I'm always wondering what happened when a blog I follow just stops like Forrest Gump did with his running. Just a suggestion, why not try doing a few new different types of posts. A memory, music, a joke, the key to the universe, your last arrest, your last typo, are just a few of the many possibilities for a quick short post.
Write about mojo, that's always interesting.

Cheryl P. said...

I will post something to inform my readers when I decide to quit but for now I haven't quite decided what I am going to do.

lisleman said...

I certainly enjoy your blog so I hope you keep at it.

Willoughby said...

Ha, I've had conversations like that!

Keeping up with blogging is difficult once you've been away from it for a while. I sat down to post something this morning, but I keep deleting what I write.

lisleman said...

Good to see a comment from you again.

I know the feeling and I think most all of us do. Perfection is just a fantasy so don't hold off waiting for that. I think a little editing makes for a better post but it is a blog not a novel. I hope to read your new post soon.

Joanne said...

I was driving through the Poconos one night under a black, black sky, and I was treated to a fantastic show of falling stars. Right time, right place. The only light was my headlights and the falling stars. One became apparent, burned and was gone in seconds. Your reconstruction of an attempt at recollection reminded me.

lisleman said...

thanks for answering my curiosity. You could turn that into a poem.

longhollow said...

I wish mother Mary would whisper posts of wisdom to me! My blog problem is one of timing - the words flow but there's no time to post them, then they get all clogged up in my brain until I finally have to skip sleep to clean out the pipe and get things flowing again. I'm not sure I like the analogy I just described, though. Sigh.

Secret Agent Woman said...

One of the cool things about blogging is going back and finding those memories recorded.

lisleman said...

Yes that is one reason I do it. An online journal for future generations. I wish the search ability on blogger was better.

lisleman said...

Oh no creating analogies you don't like, that's not good. Unless a blogger has access and time to record their many thoughts it's very hard not to lose them. Clogged thoughts - that could be a blog name. thanks

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