Friday, October 04, 2013

we interrupt this blog

For a short rant.  It's a blog related rant I want to get off my chest (why chest?  off my head would make more sense).

Coincidentally, I had just finished a rant of a comment on another blog when this happened.  Wondering what happened?  Well I'm going to tell you alright because all good rants need a bit of explanation.

Blogger changed their comment box design and I keep losing my comments.  Well actually it doesn't happen on the A Few Clowns Short blog because I use a third party comment system.  Here's a screenshot of the comment box causing me grief.

Do you notice the "sign out" button conveniently located next to the "comment as" selection?  That's my problem.  I mistakenly click it and my whole comment vanishes into some bit bucket black hole.  I don't understand why a sign out function should even be offered on a comment box.  I've made this mistake several times recently.  The first few times I was befuddled (or fuddled?) as to what error occurred.  It didn't take long to piece together the fact that I was logged out of gmail was related to my disappearing comment.

We will now return to our regular blog postings.  


Cheryl P. said...

As I use a third party commenting system as well, so I hadn't noticed that blogger comment box yet. I don't get that either. Why would someone want to sign out in a comment box.

I am not a big fan of Blogger's comment system anyway. I hate that it doesn't allow for discussion threads nor does it let people attach pictures. Not that I use that a lot but when I do it's fun.

lisleman said...

Yes you do use the same one, Disqus. It makes exchanging comments very easy between our blogs and the others using it. The thread feature was the big reason I started using it. The Blogger system did add the "reply" button not too long ago so I guess it's catching up. thanks

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I wonder how we did start using, "get that off my chest" when out of my head does make more sense. Never thought about that! One of things that makes you go hmmmm.... Didn't Arsenio Hall used to say that on his show? I had to check and see what my comment boxes looked like but it's not like that one. That is strange to have a sign out button.

Joanne said...

How the system works is beyond my understanding. If you think that button is stupid---
The township web site was designed by a friend of one of the trustees. For the same amount of money I could have had a user friendly web site I could manage, but no, to appease the queen I am stuck with the stupidity of a creative writing professor who moonlights as a web designer. Talk about counter-intuitive buttons.
A non-tangential rant. But, it's off my chest.

lisleman said...

Nepotism hits the internet. Yes just because I have hammered a nail does not mean I could build your house. thanks

lisleman said...

I often think of things that few ever have. I do remember the "makes you go hmmm" but not its source. thanks

savannah49 said...

whatchagonnadew? xoxoxo ;)

lisleman said...

rant about it on a blog

Mrs4444 said...

Glad you have this venue on which to vent. I agree; it's stupid. I haven't noticed that issue but will be careful not to fall victim to it. Thanks.

lisleman said...

thanks - blogs offer many things and rants are one of them.

Hilary (The Smitten Image) said...

I found the same thing. I have clicked on it once.. so far and all the backtracking in the world doesn't return the comment. Honestly, I find the whole Google+ experience to be frustrating. It took me a ridiculous number of hopeful clicks from your profile page until I actually found a blog on which to comment. I'm still not sure how I got here. ;) And this comment might just go into the ether since I think they're about to make me sign up with a Google plus account (which I refuse to do) in order to leave my comment here. If I have the option to post as a guest, I will but when someone switches over to Google+ from just Blogger, it makes it different for everyone.

lisleman said...

I use the Disqus comment system which allows you to comment as a guest but you do need to leave an email address. The email allows the system to notify you that I replied. Now I found that I could comment as a guest with a fake email address and it took the comment. Yes the G+ profile which I believe all Blogger bloggers will have no option to use doesn't quickly display the "about" page. And even on the about page the links to the blog and youtube channel and all that is at the bottom. I really do appreciate you continuing to try and successfully leaving a comment. If I were to do the blog all over again I would have picked a different blog name. All you need to remember is "lisleman" which is not the easiest to spell. If you type "lisleman" (one word) into a search engine my blog should show up on the first page.
I know it's been awhile since you left a comment here. Hopefully you'll be back again. thanks

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