Sunday, October 20, 2013

this I know

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. Actually, I’m very certain science has found evidence that the world went around before people were on it. However if people were not here to witness it then it probably didn’t matter.

If Olivia Newton-John had recorded “Metaphysical” instead “Physical” she would not have charted very well. Let’s get metaphysical, metaphysical. I want to get metaphysical.

Today there is such a divergence in the way people use the internet. You have people upset and worried about the government collecting their information. Others post their crimes on facebook.

I’m never going to be interested in cooking. My skills center on left-overs. I have known how to burp a tupperware lid for years now. Around here, I probably eat most of the left-overs left.

The mind is a complex system. You really can’t read another person’s mind. Often it’s hard to read your own. I don’t know the percentage but I suspect many road accidents are caused because one person thought they knew what the other driver was going do.

The vast majority of the people on this world are unknown to me. Also the majority of these people would rather take money from me than give me money.

Reminiscing makes memories in the mirror look better.

The adoring love in your child’s (grandchild’s) eyes as they run to your open arms is much much better than the tears in their eyes when they trip and fall.

This blog runs on comments. So please help keep it running.

I know there is more that I don’t even know, I don’t know.


Joanne said...

Mind reading is alive and well. Pretty often I am facing a car that needs to turn left, as do I, and then we both remember to turn on our left hand turn signals and proceed through the intersection. Duh.

lisleman said...

Good that it works for you. I have seen many cars with turn signals blinking but wheels never turning the car in the indicated direction. thanks

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Thx for the ear worm. Cannot get ONJ singing outta my head.

lisleman said...

Ha - sure anytime. If you concentrate hard on a metaphysical thought it should clear up.

lisleman said...

stuff that typically gets me into trouble. The claymation thing was from some Hotels . com promo but I just look around and it doesn't appear to exist anymore. I did find this Reasonably Clever site that offers an avatar building tool.

unknownmami said...

I won't give you money, but I can always spare comments.

lisleman said...

thanks - comments make up the currency of sharing in blogland.

longhollow said...

First of all, I love the 'clay yourself' version of you! And you are definitely right about the road accidents, I bet.

lisleman said...

Thanks. I have reminded our children not to assume the actions of other drivers. It's part of defensive driving which of course is better than offensive driving. (now I wish I had written that last line in the post)

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