Wednesday, October 09, 2013

self imposed pressure

I received this unique photo in my email.


If you look closely you can figure out where it came from.  The blog diva at Blogdramedy offered it to me.  You can read the comment/reply exchange that lead up to it on her post.  Her post was not about playing monopoly (great game that I have not played in long time) but about the new US $100 bill that was issued the other day.

is it raising or falling?

Long long ago in internet time (2011) I took up the seasonal challenge offered by Blogdramedy. She called it Blogfestivus. It was 12 days of racking my limited creative mind to write posts about that goofy song. Looking back I know it would have gone better had I stocked up on eggnog and rum first.

This mostly self-imposed challenge (makes me think she is the competitive type) was much easier since only one post was on the table monopoly board.  I think this post gets me out of jail.

Any monopoly players reading this?  How much did a player (games are fun because we are all players) pay to own a railroad?


Blogdramedy said...

You passed "GO" with this post. You've already got your dough so move along. Move along. Not sure if BlogFestivus is going to happen this holiday season. Home renovations don't ya know. Remind me in November.

lisleman said...

thanks for browsing over to see where your money went.

Cheryl P. said...

It's been years since I have played Monopoly, so I don't know about the price to own a railroad. I can tell you a lot about playing Candyland and Chutes and Ladders though. My grandsons love those two games and I play them a lot.

lisleman said...

It's been many years since my championship Monopoly games (hey when it's your dining room you can call anyway you see it -right?) but I don't care much for Chutes and Ladders. I had enough of that in the corporate world. Hmm, I guess that game might be good preparation for corporate life.

agnes said...

Gotta love Monopoly :-)

lisleman said...

It's a fun game if you have the time to spend on it. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

From the perspective off a 3 and 6 year old it's all about the big slide. I figure playing games with them is better than giving them alternative ways to be amused. I may or may not be the type of Grandparent to invent fun amusements like looking at the washer tumble.

lisleman said...

stay curious - it's the best approach to life. thanks for sharing the pic

tracismixedbag said...

$100. If it's wrong, it's my husband's answer. If it's right, I was smart to ask him.

lisleman said...

well your husband doesn't need to go to jail but you are $100 short. They cost $200 each. Don't feel bad I had to look it up. I do remember trying to get all 4 railroads since you get to charge more with each one. I like your approach to the answer.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh, I do NOT like playing Monopoly. It starts out okay, but then stretches into eternity. I almost always end up giving up.

lisleman said...

No games for you? Or are just the long ones a bore?

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