Thursday, September 19, 2013

let the good fragments roll

Hey everybody let’s have some fun. You only live but once and when you’re dead you’re done.
So let the good fragments link. Mrs. 4444 links good Friday Fragments so roll over there.

I’m in a Friday Fragment state of mind.  Many more than 100 FF Fridays ago I started playing along in the FF meme. Back then, I had asked Mrs. 4444 if she had started this FF meme/game. Her answer: 

Why, yes, I did start FF. I was shocked that no one else had thought of it! It's so easy and yet, so satisfying :)

So there you go - satisfying and easy - that’s the key to FF posting.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

The yodel is under-appreciated. Long ago I tried yodeling under the sheets.
Have you ever yodeled under the sheets?

No need to answer that. None of my business what you do under or on top of the sheets.

Now here’s a story that leaves me scratching (ok, once in awhile I like a good scratch TMI?), asking for more background. Apparently, Leon Smith forgot he went to bed with a fox (it that a generational term? do teens say fox and foxy?). He reached over to cuddle his girlfriend and felt fur (I’m not going there - no comment). There was a live fox in his bed. His real (I assume she is human) girlfriend is worried the fox might come back. She’s got a man the foxes won’t leave alone.

strangers in the bed exchanging glances

This past week I thought of another picture I could take of my escaped esc key. Do your keys leave your keyboard? Mine do.  Here's what I came up with. Like it?

Lastly, you may have seen my blogger interview but I just had so much fun I wanted to mention it again. You'll find it over at another FF blogger's blog, Acting Balanced.


Karen and Gerard said...

Enjoyed reading your interview. Funny how our blogs get started and then continue to change over time.

Joanne said...

My grandson's keyboard has two missing letters. Doesn't bother him at all.

lisleman said...

Good that small things don't bother him. It does personalize the keyboard too. thanks

lisleman said...

Every blog has a story. This one shows a noticeable change from its beginnings but not too much in recent time. thanks

Heather Smith said...

It was great interviewing you :- ) Glad you had fun!

lisleman said...


Bearman Cartoons said...

I have an eye on escaping to dinner but my darn friend is late...

lisleman said...

I hope you make you escape before you starve. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

This made me have a pretty close look at the keyboard for this Mac. It's a wireless keyboard, very flat, and I'm not sure the keys can come off.

lisleman said...

thanks - good that you don't need to worry - the key in the picture is from an old PC type laptop. I think my current Macbook is good for many more letters.

Cheryl P. said...

That fox story is scary as hell. As frightened as I am by a mouse, I might die of fright if a fox got into my house.

I have never had a key escape from my keyboard. If fact, if any of them so much as start sticking they are kicked to the curb. New keyboards are pretty reasonable this days.

doreenmcgettigan said...

I wonder how long it will be before we have touch keypads so the keys can't come off...Oh I forgot we do have those on our phones. I am not a fan.
I enjoyed the interview!
As always you make me smile. Have a fabulous weekend!

lisleman said...

thanks have a great weekend too.

lisleman said...

Keyboards are cheap if you use a separate one. The key in the pic came from a an old PC laptop.
Hey the fox would probably eat the mice for you.

Nita said...

Great interview. Your choice of dinner guest definitely would make for a very entertaining evening.
I bet Leon Smith was looking for the escape

lisleman said...

thanks for reading the interview. Yes it's hard to imagine what Leon thought when surprised by the fox.

Kay @Kay's Little Korner said...

Hmm, I don't have an issue with keys leaving my keyboard. Now that I have said this, or course, it could start happening :-(

A fox in the bed? Most men would enjoy that, aside from the live animals with possible rabies. That would be quite scary.

I am going to run and check out the blogging interview. That sounds like fun!

lisleman said...

The key escape was an old computer. I have seen it more than once over the years. Maybe it depends if people are upset when they type.

thank you hope you enjoy the interview

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