Thursday, August 22, 2013

flashback fragments

recipe for fragmints (thanks Keetha for a post title that gave me this idea)

  • Mix many types of thoughts together.
  • Let sit for a few minutes.
  • Scoop out the funnier ones that rise to the top.
  • Feed the bottom stuff to your dog.
  • Sprinkle minty leaves on top.
  • Bake in your favorite word processor.

Post your fragmints and link it to Mrs. 4444’s blog to share with the FF party.

When I search back into old blog posts, I generate flashbacks. If I’m looking at an old FF post then I have flashback fragments.

Is it possible to combine flashback, flashdance and a flash mob?

I found the above digital online card at a social site recently (probably G+). We have a few teachers in the family and I know there are teachers that follow the blog. So this one is for you. Wishing all the teachers a wonderful school year.

()()proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare()()

Still a work in progress, but I’m very close to having perfected my sleeping. Yes I’ve had restless nights when some event in my life caused it. (Are you still awake? Good, because I want you to read the blog and comment. Don’t start getting sleepy.) I stumbled on an article about brain waves blocking noises in the night. Now I’m wondering if those same brain waves block my hearing my wife’s earth-shattering gentle reminders to get off my ass and do something.

I bet the sleep study was fun to perform. The researchers altered the noise levels over a three-night period; the first night was quiet and the second and third nights were noisy. Basically, they kept turning up the volume until they woke the person up.

How fun would that be?

“Hey it’s my turn to hit the horn!”
“Holy Sh--, did you see that one jump?”

I got off my ass and did something the other day when the most important item in the kitchen went dead, the microwave. Here's the whole story.

I was warned that our children might write a book about our family life, titled “Vacuum The Grass”.

Yes my wife once told one of the kids to "vacuum the grass". Both of us have mistakenly uttered wrong words with a passion at times. Usually it gets a laugh but depending on the mood at the time one of us might not be ready for the laugh.

I'm certain any parent of a gaggle of kids has experienced calling the wrong name out for a child. Most kids jump at the chance to correct you. Often they start before you get the whole wrong child’s name out. Our daughter told us once that she figured she was really in big trouble when her name was replaced with the dog’s name. I have no idea what the dog thought. (but the dog did have a human type name)

Lastly, while searching through old posts I rediscovered this clip I found back in 2006. If you ever have plans to push a car into Chicago river from a high building, then watch this first.


nobody said...

Lisleman you should get a pair of those goggles. They would look great on your head.

lisleman said...

wow advice from nobody! I love it. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

Trouble sleeping??? I just had a minor surgery today and they put me out with Propofol. That would let you sleep like a baby. Need any surgeries???
Of course some people have used it at home and didn't wake up, which probably is a worse kind of sleep problem. (as in permanent)

I only had two kids and while I didn't call them by each other's names, I occasionally call my grandson by my son's name.

lisleman said...

I've done the grandkid mix-up too but it gives me a smile when they will forget and call me dad or even mom. Oh no I don't have trouble sleeping as I said I've just about perfected it. The perfect sleep ability would be able to start and stop it very precisely on-demand.
I sure hope I don't need any surgeries. What are you considering a side-line?

Mrs4444 said...

We used to live next door to a guy who came outside every morning with a pair of scissors to trim the pieces of grass that had shot up during the night; poor guy obviously had OCD. When I read "vacuum the grass," I thought of him right away. Thankfully, I have no such compulsions.

Loved the fairy tale; I can relate :) Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

longhollow said...

I know exactly what you mean about substituting the wrong word but not being ready for the laugh it triggers!

BLOGitse said...

hahah, vacuum the grass...I have 'wrong word syndrome' every day! :)

lisleman said...

some days there are just too many words to deal with. thanks

lisleman said...

Scissors for individual shoots of grass. Wow that is bad.
So do you think the school administrators are like the commanders in the military would change things just because they could?

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Love the "vacuum the grass" statement! And I have definitely called the kids the dog's name before. I get a good laugh when my kids call each other the wrong name, especially when they are tattling on a sibling and they are so worked up but then they keep correcting themselves on who exactly it was that upset them!

lisleman said...

Often we don't realize we said the wrong word and then other times the word just leaves our lips as we wish to change it. thanks

lisleman said...

It always sounds funny after things have settled down. Must be confusing for dogs. thanks

Kathy said...

We gave all three of our kids names that begin with the letter "B". We've been totally confused every since :) "Vacuum the grass" is a good one!

tettelestai said...

Oh my goodness, I know those towers!!! We weren't in Chicago at that time, but we always wondered what they would do if someone hit drive instead of reverse coming out of a spot!!

I am always calling the wrong name for a child. But I warned hubby when two boys, beside each other in order, both start with J. I knew it was nothing but trouble!!!

My favorite passion stumble was a friend of mine, not allowed any swearing, busted out with "thats a bunch of c-a-r-p" she didn't appreciate the adults laughing and her bumble while so upset ;-)

doreenmcgettigan said...

You made me laugh outloud for real.
I could so see me yelling vacuum the grass.
I would probably fail any sleep study hands down. I sleep through everything exceptba baby breathing...go figure..

lisleman said...

I've heard mothers learn the sound of their babies and are very sensitive to it. Also (might have some details wrong) but hearing baby crying can cause a nursing mother to start lactating.

lisleman said...

Funny did she spell out carp? Easy to switch the letters. I've never heard of any mishaps with the parking in Marina towers. They have strong cables up to prevent such accidents. I think they changed the cables for the stunt. I would not want to test it.

lisleman said...

The same starting sound would make it even more common. The dog's name started with M and none of kids names started that way so it didn't make a big difference for us. thanks

savannah said...

great fragments, sugar! with 4 kids at home, wrong name calling was a daily occurrence! it was even worse when the 4 cousins were around. they still laugh about it! xoxoxox

Traci Shannon said...

I love that recipe! My dog should probably be better fed with some posts -- haha!
I love the vacuum the grass. I am a major Miss Malaprop. And my kids wouldn't know their names if thy didn't start with the name of their sibling.

Keetha said...

Great fragmints.

I've been known to call our youngest son, Kyle, by each of our dogs' names and then one day I added insult to injury by calling the cat Kyle.

Why is there one lonely bottle of drinking water on that coffee table?

I must confess that I have told Fisherhubby a time or two that he needed to vacuum the yard.

Laurie Matherne said...

Well, I never actually thought about pushing a car into a body of water. I have a sister who I suspect vacuums her lawn. It's always perfect. Not me. My lawn is respectablely ragged.

lisleman said...

I thought it might be very common and from the comments it appears to be. thanks

lisleman said...

Miss Malaprop - I had forgotten that word. So you forget to feed your dog then? Feeding the blog seems to take more time than a pet. thanks

lisleman said...

Thanks for browsing by and seeing what your "fragway" idea became in my head. Wow another vacuum the yard sayer. The picture is the waiting area at a restaurant in Disney World and the bottle of drinking water might have been ours.

lisleman said...

Of course our lawn is very natural looking which means let Mother Nature be responsible for most of it. Of course, she meant "cut" and probably had just started the vacuum when she said that. Unless you spend many hours rolling around or playing on it, why bother perfecting a lawn?

tettelestai said...

She was trying to spell crap since it was on the nono list for their house, but mixed the words. Another famous family mixup is "safe drively" we say it to everyone as they go ;-)

unknownmami said...

I feel so fresh and minty after this post. I think your microwave is contagious because mine broke too.

lisleman said...

I don't know if you read the post on it but I did get it fixed. A very inexpensive replacement fuse. It took awhile to find the fuse and reassemble but so far knock on a microwave popcorn bag - it's ok.
Did you get your microwave fixed or still deciding what to do?

unknownmami said...

I was just referring to the breaking part being contagious, the fixing part is not because I am not you and did not even attempt to fix it. I was too busy vacuuming the grass.

lisleman said...

funny. After you finish the grass you should probably vacuum the kids too. thanks

Single Mom in the South said...

Thank you for the well-wishes. I've been back since last Friday, and ys, our schedule changed, but so did our administration! The students start on Monday!

ljsreveries said...

I love your recipe for good fragments.Your noise study comment made me laugh. They'd have a heyday with me because I'm a super light sleeper. And I have the same problem with calling my kids by each other's names. They're grown and I still do it all the time. And sometimes I call our dog by our dead dog's name. They look alike.

lisleman said...

We should not be surprised by change. Change is there waiting around the corner. Have a good school year. thanks

lisleman said...

Probably safe to assume your dog doesn't know of the previous dog so calling a different name shouldn't be upsetting. I guess you would not be a challenge for the sleep study testers. thanks

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I like that ecard about schools. Isn't it amazing how the administration has to bend over backwards for entitled parents these days? Distressing!

My dad was notorious for calling us kids by our wrong names. He'd usually run through the list of us and eventually he'd hit it. ;)

lisleman said...

After posting this I realize wrong name calling is more common than I thought. thanks

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