Saturday, May 25, 2013

why do I need more than one blog

I have more than one blog.  My other blogs don't get watered much. Maybe they are like cactus?

one eye worked for this character

I just gave my blog mostly focused on blogging a sprinkling of a post. You may have browsed this blog in the past. It's still there. How often are we greeted with cactus flowers? I'm not suggesting it's beautiful or even smells good, but it's still there. I Can't Blog


Cheryl P. said...

I always admire people that have more than one blog...even if one is less worked than another. EVEN one blog takes a lot of time, I find weeks that I have trouble getting a decent post together....well, I guess some aren't all that decent but they still took some time.

lisleman said...

Your posts are very enjoyable. thanks

longhollow said...

I find that at any given time, one of my blogs is being totally ignored. Sometimes both of them need a good watering! But I'm still glad I have both. Hopping over to your other one now...

lisleman said...


lisleman said...

the nice scent of good words

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