Wednesday, May 15, 2013

is there a typo hall of fame

I've seen sites focused on auto-correct mistakes. I really can't blame my typos on technology. I've perfected my typos through bad spelling and thinking ahead too much while typing. Then there's the I changed a part of the sentence but didn't bother to read how my change affected the grammar of the sentence.

Does my idea of a proofreading service called "C. F. Eyecare" stand a chance?

Someone in the marketing world has recently paid attention to typos, specifically, typos on search terms. Typos have become the core of an ad campaign. Snickers (Mars Inc.) has purchased around 25,000 misspelled search terms for this ad campaign.

BG (before google), who could have imagined that typos would have value to anyone?

I'm not sure how to work it but I would love to sell a bunch of typos.

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Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't get the joke in C.F. Eyecare.

Joanne said...

See if I care?

Anyway, you left one of those grammar problems here, but the spelling is mostly OK.

Cheryl P. said...

If I ate a Snikcer...oops Snicker Bar every time I typed something wrong, Hubby would have to hire a crane to get me out of the house.

lisleman said...

thank you so much for prompting me to look harder for a grammar problem. I fixed it. I meant to write, "I'm not sure how to ...". If C.F. Eyecare ever goes into business you have a job. Don't hold your breath, you'll die first.
thanks again.

lisleman said...

If you say it out loud it says, "see if I care". Well sorta. "F" vs. "if" is slightly different. That would a strange name for a proof reading service. thanks

lisleman said...

According to extensive scientific research funded by Mars Inc. your typos would plunge if you ate more Snicker bars. If you believe this please email me to receive this great deal on some property in Florida. What do you think of a company buying typos? thanks

Pat Fortunato said...

I'm not sure if I told you about this one before, but my favorite typo of all time was on the first page of Beverly Sill's autobiography, Bubbles. It read, "In my first pubic appearance . . ." Er, public. The first printing went out, so there are thousands of that edition out there with that typo.

lisleman said...

Great one. Any typo hall of fame would be remiss not have that one. One of my favorites is "Foxey Lady" but it's mostly because I like the song "Foxy Lady" by Jimi. Pubic instead of public has been known to create hairy situations for people. thanks

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