Tuesday, April 02, 2013

past April Fool's Day need new post

I just realized the problem with putting up an April Fool's joke post is the next day it just looks stupid. Readers might wonder if I slept in too long. Don't ask.

I'm lacking an idea to write about today. I could go on about how this 24 hour internet spread around all the world's time zones makes it impossible to reference "today".

I decide to browse over to the onion for inspiration or at least a laugh. Years ago I followed the onion almost daily. Even downloaded a podcast of funny news bulletins. As most things, the newness wears off. I found their short stock bulletins (maybe they are tweeted?) entertaining. It's called stockwatch. Here's an example: 

Jack in the Box (JACK)

$36.02 (+$1.43) (+4.13%) Investors responded positively to the unveiling of Jack’s new head, which is 10 times larger and features terrifyingly realistic ears.

Businessman Does His Work Lying On Bed Like Schoolgirl

another circus 


Cheryl P. said...

That Onion clip is pretty funny. I kind of relate to the guy waiting for his Twitter account to get some followers.

I used to check into The Onion pretty regularly but fell out of the habit when I started reading so many blogs. There really should be more time in any given day to screw around.

savannah said...

THAT was funny, sugar! thanks. xoxoxo

Bee said...

I totally believed your prank. As you know.

lisleman said...

Thanks I don't think the Onion will get back to it's peak but they still create funny stuff once in awhile. Time - it's a mystery.

lisleman said...

Good to know you enjoyed it.

lisleman said...

You didn't need to admit that. The amount of odd stuff that is true has one believing more and more odd things. thanks

lisleman said...

Hey thanks for those links leading to the post generator. I used it in today's post and gave you a shout-out.

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