Thursday, April 25, 2013

even friday fragments go missing

I missed last week’s Friday Fragments FF posting round. Did you miss me? You don’t really need to answer that. For most including myself blogging can only be a hobby. People have been known to get very intense with hobbies. Life events both good and bad will and does take priority over hobbies. 

Mrs. 4444 has her collection spot, her blog, setup to take your FF posts. Check it out.

Mommy's Idea

If you don’t post it, then did it happen? Yes of course it did. I don’t share that much of my daily life. In today’s over connected instant world I wonder if some teenagers feel that if you don’t text it then it didn’t happen. Sharing is great but not always necessary. 

twitter powered

Unless you follow the stock market or business news, you may have missed the twitter effect on the stock market news. In a word, unbelievable. Here’s chart of the Dow index from last Tuesday, April 23.

Do you see it? That huge dropping spike around 1pm was caused by a tweet. It was a fake tweet from a hacked twitter account. The hacked twitter account belong to the Associated Press (AP) news organization. The fake tweet said there was an explosion at the White House and the president was injured. In just minutes this index and others plunged and recovered.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - I didn’t know traders traded on information from tweets. Twitter can and does contain news but it’s completely unfiltered and unverified. I’ve learned since this happened that some trading firms employ computers to read the news. I guess the computers read tweets too. I think this is nuts.

Mother Nature caused me to miss last week’s FF post. I posted on Sunday about the Mother Nature message that was left for me in our basement. The village has been very good in their recovery effort. I felt sorry for the garbage man having to pick-up all that soaked debris. One of the benefits of decent prices for recycling metal is the free quick pick-up of things like an old sump pump and a dehumidifier by recycling collectors that comb the streets before garbage day. Does that happen in your neighborhood?

Not long ago I found this blog called “Ken in a tractor”. Apparently, Ken is a real tractor driving farmer blogging from Canada. A recent post of his touched the dad in me (he’s a dad too). He wrote about watching a little girl and her parents at a restaurant. It's a mixed feeling for me when I see a little one that reminds me of bygone days of my now adult kids. Happy memory but a little sad that it seems I didn't relish it enough back then. The good news for me is getting the chance to experience a bit of it again through grandchildren.

At times I lack the batteries to be enlightened. Often I type too fast and proofread too slow.
"History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme"—Mark Twain.
I’ll think to that.


Keetha said...

I just joined the world of tweets today though I doubt any of mine will ever be earth shattering enough to cause either a spike or plummit of the market.

Bee said...

On Facebook, my friends and I have a saying, though I'm sure it isn't just us: "Pics or it didn't happen." In other words, they are "required" to post pics of something they say they did or happened or no one will believe that it's true. Ridiculous, because obviously it did still happen, and what does that say about us, as a society, that we won't believe it unless they took pics. Then again, nearly everyone has a camera on their phones these days.

I'm so glad you found Ken's blog!

Laurie Matherne said...

I read about the twitter (or is it twit?) that screwed up the markets for a moment.

lisleman said...

Let me know if you get a flock of birds following you. I don't have any plans of joining twitter. thanks

lisleman said...

Yes ridiculous, I think it might reflect the media and many others obsession of wanting to be a celebrity. You were directly involved in my discovery of Ken's blog - thanks

lisleman said...

I think it is tweets on twitter or maybe a twitter of tweets. Hopefully not being on twitter does not make me a twit. thanks

Rebecca said...

The world is run by idiots. Even I check out big news stories before talking about them; online or in person. And....I'm not the sharpest tack.

lisleman said...

ha ha - hopefully not important one. thanks

Single Mom in the South said...

My children were so close in age (18 months apart) and I divorced their dad when they were so young (the youngest 17 months) that I definitely did not appreciate the early years enough. Sadly, I was just too stressed.

lisleman said...

That is sad. As you certainly know each divorce is as unique as the people involved. One sad result of my divorce was losing many of the memories of my two daughters. Memories get reinforced by both parents remembering the stories. My divorce left me not even wanting to bring up the past. thanks for sharing

lisleman said...

good writer. thanks

lisleman said...

LOL - I read stuff like this in the comments and wonder why didn't I think of that. You turn that into a joke pun. What do you call a criminal using twitter? thanks

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