Wednesday, April 03, 2013

day late and a post short

At times it really is like a few clowns short of a circus round here.

Yesterday, I sprained a few neurons to form enough sentences for a post. Today thanks to links shared by Savannah and Scarlet Blue, my posting is as easy as toasting. Link sharing is so very nice. Just think, less than 20 years ago we couldn’t link share at all.

Keeping in the link sharing spirit, here’s a link to rescue you on those days your neurons fail to fire. The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator 

It lighted my screen with the following words: (just select options, then cut and paste)


Holy Blog Of Doom, Batman! I just returned from my daily swim on the beautiful Fijian beach and realised I have not updated this since Hammertime was in the charts... You would not believe how heavy that rock really is. Whenever will they invent electricity!.

I am flat out like a lizard drinking with my tan, selling my soul to Google, just generally being asleep, dreaming and chancing to the secret service, my day seems to involve the authorities from the light through yonder window breaks to I run out of alcohol. I am avoiding recapture. can't they see I am blogging.

I won't promise anything to you but I will update you with my nefarious activities as soon as I get a chance. Well, I'll try. Unless of course the pool with the cocktail bar is heated!

another circus 


Agnes Pages said...

The pool t the cocktail bar is always heated.

lisleman said...

Really? You know you should give tours. Seriously. I've only been to less than a handful of pools equipped with cocktail bars. You probably know where all of them are at. Be careful - I think alcohol and sunburns go together too often.

Scarlet Blue said...

Thank you for the link!
What disturbed me most about the post generator was that it wrote more like me than I do... if that makes sense?!

lisleman said...

No problem - thanks for sharing it. Did you notice the blog associated with it has been dead for a number of years? Yes it makes sense.

Joanne said...

You also did not explain your illustration of half a brain with a peg in its frontal lobe. And, it's bacchal lobe.

lisleman said...

I'll take your word for the lobe identification. It the post I mentioned neurons firing so I thought I would include this picture. Our daughter took the picture at a library while she was studying the brain for a class. thanks for asking.

tracismixedbag said...

That generator is AMAZING! I couldn't help but use it, right away! Love your post. BTW

lisleman said...

Great I'm glad you made use of it. Probably not bad idea every once in awhile. thanks

longhollow said...

My problem isn't coming up with post's coming up with the time to write them. Also to make the rounds of my favorite blogs. I wish someone would come up with a time generator!!

Cheryl P. said...

That blog post generator is funny. I am surprised to hear that you would ever have trouble coming up with something to talk about. You seem like the kind of person that we could all just sit down and never run out of chit-chat.

My problem isn't that I can't think of topics but how to write about them in a way that wouldn't be bore my readers to tears or worse yet, cause major bouts of people falling asleep at their computers.

lisleman said...

Time machine - hmm I recall a few people have thought about that before. Making the rounds does take time and thanks for making it over here. Often a post will send my thoughts off on a tangent which is good and bad. Bad for time usage. Actually ideas come and go. Figuring out how to write up an idea is not as easy. I do know many people like having a deadline. I don't much but will admit deadlines do help for some tasks. See I'm off on a tangent already.

lisleman said...

You know this silly post is generating some great comments. It's probably the great followers I'm fortunate enough to have. Maybe it's caffeine. Thanks for compliment. I do have plenty of ideas. I can be quietly reserved in social settings. Small groups are the best. I absolutely hate competing with loud chatty people. I try to ask questions at meetings. You are a nail on the head hitter pointing out the tough post problem. How to write up the idea is harder than the idea. I think twitter doesn't give people any practice in that art. People falling asleep at their computers could be a great post if you could figure out how to write. Now people falling asleep on their smartphone is just plain funny.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I think I'm going to have to refuse to read a post generated by a computer on philosophical grounds.

lisleman said...

Ok but at least I'm being transparent about it. People do buy greeting cards with phrases written on them. I don't think philosophical has shown up in the comments before. Thanks

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