Wednesday, March 27, 2013

relieve yourself with a game

(Warning: oh wow, you really read warnings? I don’t and that explains volumes about me. Just remember the post you are about to read contains Lisleman opinion. You probably have an opinion too and so at least we have that in common.

Another edition of Lisleman’s slightly damaged broken news. From coast to toast, faster than salsa sliding out of your taco we bring you news you don’t need.

Since the beginning of wearing clothes, little boys have had an urinating advantage over girls. (a Croatia vacation behind this picture I took)

That natural advantage is not news. 

The news is technology has advanced to the absurd level of giving us (guys only but I don’t think women are jealous) a video game controlled by urine. Yes a video game equipped urinal. It could be the next first drop your draws hit.

It will be installed at Coke-Cola park in Allentown PA., home of the Iron Pigs.

Taken from the linked story, “These games are sure to make a huge splash” says Iron Pigs General Manager Kurt Landis. Ok, the general manager has a sense of humor.

While interesting and certainly odd, I’m not eager to play a game. Yes I’ve had the boyish experience of trying write something in the dirt by streaming a jet of liquid. But I’ll reveal a small secret about myself, I have also experienced shy bladder. There is even a medical term for serious cases of this - paruresis. Don’t be concerned I don’t have the serious problem. A few isolated times when there were lines waiting for the urinal. I don’t care to feel pressure because some guy back in the line didn’t calculate the timing of his last two beers.

I predict this is not the next big thing to hit the restroom. I suspect most guys, at least the ones who are still slightly sober do not want to draw attention to their urinal performance. Hopefully the park will offer urinal options.

(here's a link to the manufacturer's clip about their new invention  Oh I sure hope the product doesn't play that "Rocky" theme song background music.)

another circus 


Cheryl P. said...

Oh, Lisleman...what is the world coming to??? As I don't have the necessary equipment to play the game maybe my opinion isn't a valid one. Not that that "invalid status" would keep me from commenting. This strikes me as a waste of time by all. Men playing games at urinals are just slowing down lines while others are needing things to move along...not to mention the fact that some guys out there have a problem with aim even when they are focused. By all means let's encourage drunk men to spray left and right for the fun of it. Call me crazy (I heard that!) but I am not a fan. be clear...I am not a fan of the game...I am totally a fan of the equipment.

lisleman said...

natural equipment aside, the game seems like a novelty and having one out of a few urinals equipped would get a place some attention. IMHO, it would be a big mistake to replace all the urinals with this. I don't think it would slow things down much since the flow most often is steady after it starts. Encouraging men to the left and right - that could a start of a fight if the spray hit another player. I can imagine small groups gather in the restrooms cheering and watch the game which would be awkward for anyone wanting to just finish their nature call.
Of your opinion is valid even without owning the equipment. I once posted about the 18-hour (think it was a ridiculous number like that) bra.

Rebecca said...

I want this for my home. Maybe Joey would actually get all of his urine in the toilet. Plus, also....I bet it would be a huge hit for potty training boys.

savannah said...

i saw a clip about this on a newsfeed today and my reaction was very similar to cheryl's! LOL

lisleman said...

Ok guess a version for potty training might work. There would be the shock of learning one day that not all toilets have video games attached. I don't think you would put a urinal in your bathroom though.

lisleman said...

Now I could say "well you don't understand because you don't use urinals" but I won't. Like you and Cheryl I actually see a few problems with the idea. Cheryl did point out a problem that didn't occur to me, missed/out-of-range shots.

Bee said...

Oh boy. I don't even know what to think. I hope it doesn't hold up the line?

lisleman said...

If other players crowd around to watch the next person's score, it might get crowded in there. Oh boy is right. As in oh more boy toys.

longhollow said...

That reminds of those musical potty chairs they make for kids! lol

lisleman said...

Oh but these are manly potty games. Overall I do think it's funny but too stupid to catch on. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

That's actually disgusting. And no, not envious of that. Ick.

lisleman said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I don't think it's that bad. I wonder what your sons would think of it. Yes I think it's stupid but not disgusting. thanks

Peggy Cameron said...

It sounds like it was a very successful marketing tool, with beer sales soaring.
I think boys will always be boys and if I was a boy I am sure I would definitely have a go!

Love your photo of the penis fountain.

lisleman said...

thanks Personally I would not drink more beer so that I could play more rounds of a urinal game. Many people think or don't think differently than me. The photo was taken on a trip to Zagreb Croatia.

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